Saturday, March 25, 2017

So Ryancare Collapsed..BFD

At the moment the media is dancing in the endzone and sucking each other's dicks over the collapse of Ryancare.  Apparently in the belief that Trump had staked everything on the repeal of Obamacare,

Which Ryancare absolutely wasn't nor did Trump actually invest much political capital in supporting it.  If you are desperate to pretend that Trump has lost something big then you can have yourself a good time telling yourself he's finished in politics while the Wall  is getting built and Gorsuch is sailing to through confirmation.

Trump just missed a bullet.  The Democrats still own the ticking timebomb that is Obamacare.

When Obamacare was inflicted on America the Republicans had two major talking points.  One, that it was passed without a single GOP vote.  Two, that once government gets into providing healthcare it never gets out of it.

As usual the Cucks are fundamentally incapable of learning their own lessons.  Ryancare was on track to be passed without a single Democrat voting for it.  And the all of the major points that everyone on the Right hates about Obamacare were going to remain in Ryancare.  

This was the big sellout.  There was never going to be the slightest attempt to get the government out of healthcare.

Ryancare was half measure provided by half men. 

What the GOP needs in the House is a real parliamentary leader. A Cock-Robin. A Thomas Reed. A Newt Gringrich. Someone who loves the cut and thrust of rhetorical battle. 

Instead we have Paul Ryan, a bleary eyed free market Friedmanite economics professor.   How did the House get stuck with him?

Simple.  In 2006 the GOP collapsed and was driven into the Wilderness. The thing is when that happens you spend about fifteen to twenty years in the Wilderness.  It's a time for painful revaluation and self assessment.  During that time of exile the party develops a new political philosophy and builds a new leadership.

The problem is that thanks to Obama the Republicans were recalled from exile ten years too early. The guys we have now were never meant to be leaders because they aren't.

John Boehner was a nobody.  He was a couple of rungs down on the House leadership ladder when the roof caved in.  He was the picture perfect example of the GOPs cargo cult of  care takers who wandered endlessly in a circle chanting, "Reagan-Reagan-Reagan." 

When Boehner finally bowed to the reality that the Right wing base hated him too much for him to continue to function as Speaker, he was tragically in the position of vetoing any potential successor with the profoundly terrifying threat of refusing to leave office.

Like called to like and now we are for the moment stuck with Ryan as Speaker.

Except that now he has a major failure on his hands with his name on it.  This isn't enough to end him but it is enough to have everyone muttering about Boenher Junior.  And now Obamacare is free to continue it's collapse all on it's own.  When it does the Democrats will have to deal then.

And on the Golden Lion Throne the God Emperor quietly smiles.  The important thing to remember about a good strategy is that  it makes certain that any path taken leads to your desired result.  


SelectaCorp said...

Nailed it.

Wynn Lloyd said...

Can't stand Ryan.
This entire affair has made me feel a little like a bad citizen.
Health care just hasn't been an important enough issue to me. The border and trade policy have been much more important.
I simply trusted Trump with heslthcare. I'm sure a workable solution will be found.

A lot of conservatives seem to see health care as THE issue, so it would be wise to avoid any Ryan style plans in the future.