Monday, March 6, 2017

Glock is the iPod of the Gun World

Glock has filed suit with the DOD over it's choice of the Sig Sauer P320 as the Army's new service pistol.

Can't blame them.  They are desperate for this contract.  Thirty years ago they couldn't be bothered with competing for the contract.  Today it's their only hope of finding their way back to relevance. 

On Phineas and Ferb there was mall hotdog company called Slushy-Dog.  Slushy-Dog's corporate motto was "Slushy-Dog will never get any better."  And by claiming as their corporate motto "Glock Perfection"  Glock has done the same thing.  

Truth be said I'm okay with Glocks. They are good, reliable fairly simple and rugged gun.  I have nothing against Glocks.  Now Glock owners are another kettle of fish entirely.  There are few things more fun than trolling Glocktards but the gun itself is okay. 

The problem is that Glock isn't really more than "okay".   Like the iPod they created a market and for years they were the king of the hill that they had built.  Efforts to replicate the product were laughably bad.  Glock and Apple were both in the position of saying cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap. They set the standard and maintained the standard.  It seemed that no one could compete with either one of them.

And then suddenly everyone could.  

And then everyone passed them by.

Glock is facing a devil's dilemma.   They are losing marketshare hand over fist.  But what can they do to win it back? If they change at all they are admitting they aren't Glock Perfection anymore.  So far as Glock is concerned this is like redesigning the 1911. 

My suspicion is that Glock will try hard for a bit and then simply accept their connoisseur's market.  

The Glock fanboys aren't going anywhere...but the military and police market is. 

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