Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Emma Watson is the Star of the New Fappening

Well that headline generated a few clicks.

Sorry guys still not a porn blog

And there wasn't any porn anyway.  

It was just a dump of Emma trying on various swimsuits.  I will not publish them due to the fact that they were clearly released without her permission and while I loath everything she stands for I won't cross that line.

There is an accompanying video of a young woman in a bath, that is alleged to be Watson.  Eh, maybe/maybe not.  There is no face shown.  It's just a boob video of a girl with no boobs to speak of. Check out 4chan if you're curious (not recommended). 

If Jennifer Lawrence's pics were 1970's Penthouse, these are 1960s Playboy.

 Who cares?


Well, it turns out that feminists care intensely.  This ASSAULT on Emma is clearly the work of the cis-generdered hetronormative patriarchy. By publishing these pictures, misogynistic man-babies who live in their mom's basements (and secretly rule the world from there?!?!?!?!) are doing  this to feminism's best beloved daughter Emma (She Who Was Hermione) in order make her...uh...something bad...Real bad!

The SJWs who worship Watson live for this drama.  They are all worried about Emma's spirit in face of this attack.  There is a tone of impending menace and a gathering of storm clouds but for what?

Mickey the Great and Terrible will be slightly annoyed.  The timing for Beauty and the Beast is displeasing to the all powerful Mickey who will view this as a distraction from the marketing campaign. But her career will not feel the wrath of the All Highest Mouse for his army is now SJW converged and they would never allow it.

Not that it would matter in the least as she has publicly stated she is taking a year off after this film comes out "to concentrate on feminism."  

To anyone on the Alt Right this sounds like she feels she needs to take a year off in order to really bare down and get work on her insanity.  As if she felt she had had way too many lucid moments lately and was actually going to accept reality for what it is.  No feminist can do that and call herself a feminist.

This photo was from the Telegraph  and I found it to be incredibly sad.  

On the left is a girl of seventeen who has been hurt by feminism's demands on her, on the right is the same girl ten years later and from the look in her eyes she has clearly embraced the pain it causes her.

It was the start of an article on  her life in pictures.

Here she as at the start of her journey as Rowling's Mary-Sue

Here she is thinking boys are gross and immature
This is called being normal

And here is Watson threatening a boy for the first time 
IT begins in earnest.

Now she is disappointing her fans by not hooking up with Harry.
Emma has lost whatever she could have been in and of herself at this point.  She will always be Hermione Granger...teenage feminist icon

WHAM, break down.  
Happy well adjusted normal girls do not give themselves a desexing crew cut.
This was professionally shot and take a good long look at how broken her eyes still managed to look

A few years later and she is exploring bestiality

It won't end well for her.  Sure she has money but so do I these days and let me assure you the only thing that gets you is different problems. As much as we rag on Emma Watson and rightfully so.  We should never forget she didn't create herself.  There was once a little girl who was bright if not exceptionally pretty, who could have had a life of her own...and didn't get a chance to.


bob kek mando ( Death To The Boor-geois, Keks To The Lol-etariat ) said...

Mickey the Great and Terrible will be slightly annoyed.

oh, please.

the "conveniently released" sex ( -ualized ) tape has been an integral part of marketing since at least Paris Hilton.

it's as fake as "accidentally exposed" pussy shots and nipple slips on the red carpet.

and this is exactly the sort of fake drama that Disney would gin up;

take a former child actress, dress her up in scanty clothes ( you mean like Brittany Spears and every other female Mouseketeer who had an adult career? ) ... that she's going to wear to the beach? in front of God and everybody?

take pictures of her.

"accidentally" release those pictures.

screech about the invasion of privacy, for skin she's going to display publicly anyway.

this allows both Disney and Watson to pretend that they are concerned about children, child stars and Feminism as well as gaslighting everyone into gabbling about stupid crap that doesn't have anything to do with anything.

and they get ATTENTION ( Narcissistic Supply ) for all of it.

sure, there are some sex tape releases which don't serve any marketing purpose. the Fappening was one such, you can tell because there were WAY too many women outted at one time AND most of them derived no benefit from the publicity.

this? pffffft.

EVEN IF some third party released some bikini pics 'against her will', she's been willingly doing the same herself for at least two years.

Emma Watson is THE LAST person on the planet concerned about whether or not some member of the public chances to see her in flagrante.*

Kentucky Headhunter said...

Even though she's a certified crazy, its always a shame when someone with obvious genetic gifts goes off the rails.

Its my theory (or I subscribe to it) that all actors are crazy and suffer from weak personalities. They attempt to heal themselves by taking on roles that give them a focal point, so that their amorphous mental states can take on some sort of recognizable definition. Directors and managers stand in for their own absent sense-of-self.

I know thats poorly worded, but hopefully you get the drift.

Cataline Sergius said...

@Kentucky Headhunter

I do and you are right. With actresses this tends to be compounded by the normal need for attention all women have.

In Watson's case she didn't really have a choice in the matter. She was drafted by her mother.

Jew613 said...

Her eyes are dead, like the eyes of a shark. Its even more horrifying when you meet a woman with dead eyes in person, like her soul is gone but the body keeps moving.

Cataline Sergius said...


I know, right?

There is just something missing.

Sillon Bono said...

She's 26 there is a chance she can still turn her life around, however it is likely that she'll end being a crazy cat lady or an alcoholic.

Her late 30's early 40's will be a nightmare for her once she becomes invisible.

I was reading your post and thinking how much I do not want to see the pictures of this androgynous creature, and how this is some Disney plot to take attention away from the gay issue.

This latest Disney movie should be used by us as an example to kids on how (((they))) attempt to indoctrinate them. I love when my children explain to me how they have discovered propaganda in films and cartoons, it is very rewarding seeing how an 8 year old explains to me that the lego batman movie is not a movie about batman but girrrl power.

For years I was wondering how to teach children critical thinking skills, well I found a way, explain propaganda to them, commercials, shit in movies, etc. They undergo a transformation.