Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blogs and Ends

We seem to be hitting the Springbreak mini-silly season early.

Not much going on in the national scene.  Comey still needs to be fired.  The Left is still trying to pretend that there was collusion between Trump and Russia over the election.  Now if you hear what was actually said, the FBI is investigating whether or not Russia tried to interfere with the election.  The answer to that one is yes.  Everyone tries to influence the US presidential election.

Was there collusion? Is another matter altogether but of course the Catamite News Network and friends is pretending they are one and same thing.  It's a nothing burger and it's eventually going to make them look like idiots. And no there wasn't collusion, neither side is that dumb.

It is however slightly useful as the hearings for Gorsuch are now under way and this draws attention away from that.  I'm wondering whether the Democrats are going to try and smear him as a sexist, a racist or a pedo?


The new Lucio on the Overwatch PTR is insanely OP.  Even a half way decent Lucio main is going to be little short of immortal.

Apparently Kaplan wants to see a return of the Dive Strat.  Does anybody remember how to do that?


Amy Schumer's new Netflix special is an epic fail.  And I am sad to report that I have let you down beloved readers.  I tried to watch it for fifteen minutes and I just couldn't stand it any longer.

It was terrible in every way available to it.  Amy is seriously into Margert Cho levels of unfunny at this point.

She must have been stung by the (accurate) accusations that she had been stealing material.  So she decided to make up her own stuff.   Hey, guess what?  Ninety eight percent of her new jokes featured the words, "my vagina."

And that was the entire joke by the way.  Amy Schumer saying the words, "my vagina" was what was supposed to be knee slappingly funny.

Amy on the off chance you are listening here is a deconstruction of a gross out joke by someone who actually had talent has a comedian.

That girl was so hot...(subject: the audience knows it's going to be about a hot chick, so it's probably a sex joke)

...that I would crawl over a mile of broken glass...(set up:  The hotness of the girl in question is being built up as well as preparing the audience for whatever sex act he is going to perform on her)

...just to suck the dick of the last guy who fucked her.  (punchline: this is the part that is supposed to make the audience laugh.  In this case by misdirection and gross out humor.)

Just saying "my vagina" delivers on none of those things.

Even if the Vagina in question belongs to you.

Naturally she is blaming the Alt Right for her terrible reviews.


Okay, I'm done.

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