Wednesday, March 8, 2017

America's Richest Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center gets all of it' money from New York City, which should tell you everything you need to know about it but apparently some people need to learn more.

From Steve Sailor at Takimag:

It was a bad week for the Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s self-appointed witch-sniffers-in-chief. For decades, the SPLC, despite its comic history of money-grubbing and out-of-control vilification, has been treated by the mainstream media as the unquestionable authority about who the Bad Guys are.

Finally, however, doubts have been allowed to surface about an organization that is in reality America’s richest hate group (with financial assets of $302,800,000).


Since the American people elected Donald Trump, the SPLC has been doing what the SPLC does best—whipping up fear and loathing among both violence-prone young thugs and elderly, affluent, easily confused Jewish donors nervous that the Cossacks will soon be riding through the streets of Brookline.

You may recall the SPLC backing its first president, Martin Luther King Jr., in its heroic civil rights battles of the 1950s.

(Except, technically, that wasn’t the SPLC, that was the SCLC: Southern Christian Leadership Conference.)

Or you may remember the brave black radicals of the SPLC, such as John Lewis, Stokely Carmichael, and H. Rap Brown, fighting bigoted Southern sheriffs in the 1960s. (Except that wasn’t precisely the SPLC either, that was the SNCC: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.)

The oddly named Southern Poverty Law Center was actually founded in 1971, well after the great victories of the Civil Rights Era had been won, by two white guys, Joseph J. Levin Jr. and Morris Dees, the latter a member of the Direct Marketing (i.e., junk mail) Association’s Hall of Fame.

It’s not all that clear what the SPLC has to do with “poverty,” other than in helping to erase the last trace of it from Mr. Dees’ gaudy lifestyle. But it likely hasn’t hurt fund-raising that the acronym SPLC is easily mistaken for the legendary SCLC and SNCC.

Perhaps the confusion is just a coincidence. On the other hand, it’s reminiscent of the movie Boiler Room, a predecessor of The Wolf of Wall Street, in which the penny-stock peddlers work for a firm named “J.T. Marlin” to get the readily perplexed to mistake it for J.P. Morgan.

You need to take care in picking your enemies and the SPLC's primary one is the KKK.  Which as of this posting has about 2,000 members.  But there is still an amazing amount of money to be had in frightening New Yorkers about it.  

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Jew613 said...

I think my favorite hate group was Casa D'Ice Signs. A road sign outside a bar.

While the SPLC are scum I do admire their brilliance in creating a scheme to make hundreds of millions of dollars while doing nothing.

Mocheirge said...

One man and his cat doing the work it takes an entire Klan to do, and only the SPLC noticed: