Saturday, February 11, 2017

Writing Notes

I'll be tacking up the last chapter of Dark Winter tomorrow night.

From there we shall see how well it sells on the Amazon Kindle Store before deciding how time to commit to the next book in the series (tentative title Escape From Detroit but I need to make sure that that isn't trade marked.  Yes I have the major arcs planned out.

I have been presented with a problem regarding A Song of Ice Cream and Pickles.  Namely, I made the satire a little too contemporary and Hillary lost. There is no getting around this part, Princess Perseverance is going to have little market appeal.  I think I can work around it.  After all the big enemy was always Barry.  Although that was an important lesson in letting politics effect art.

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Jew613 said...

Hillary's defeat might work out for the story. You could add a wealthy lord with a love of building gold castles from princess perseverance's own province. Who has a hot sorceress daughter who practices a strange foreign religion along with her husband. He comes out of nowhere overthrows two dynasties with the support of the wizard Fannon, apprentice to the slain Antious Tarbreit and an army of tough, and hated by the elite, working class peasants.

Regardless I am enjoying the Song of Ice Cream and Pickles and I'm looking forward to more of it.