Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When You Have An Op That Goes Wrong By the Numbers It Means One Thing

A US official told ABC News that SEAL Team Six members took a Marine MV-22 from a Gulf of Aden-based ship, the USS Makin Island, to get to the compound on a moonless night.

SEAL Team Six is the US Navy's special forces team that gained worldwide fame for killing Osama bin Laden.

That source told ABC that with armed drones above, the SEALs got to the compound where they were instantly met with heavy fire - and it was obvious that al Qaeda compound fighters had been expecting the Americans.

Not to state the fucking obvious but AQs intel isn't that good.


Sillon Bono said...

What's AQ?

Cataline Sergius said...

Al Qaeda

bob kek mando ( Death To The Boor-geois, Keks To The Lol-etariat ) said...

so, do you have any ideas as to who leaked?

or we're just assuming that this is more left over Obama people trying to create more disasters for Trump?

be hilarious if the leaker was one of Obama's 'Muslim Outreach' projects from the NASA budget.

kennymac said...

Hey Cataline, just picked up an unbreakable umbrella. Factory second sale, $30 off. This thing is one beefy bit of kit. I can see it easily doing a number on some antifa fag skull and still work perfectly! Great recommendation!

Cataline Sergius said...


Good to hear.