Sunday, February 26, 2017

There Is No More Point In Invoking Reaganism Than There Is In Invoking Lincolnism

The annual circle jerk of CPAC has revealed something new and terrifying to to the Establishment GOP.

Nobody is bothering to lie about how much they loved Ronald Reagan.

Personally I think he was the greatest president of the twentieth century and I am including BOTH Roosevelts in that assessment.   Fine, I'm an AltRighter and I loved Reagan. Deal with it.

Back when I was in uniform I wouldn't have thought twice about killing if he ordered it.  I wouldn't have thought once about dying if he had commanded it.  I trusted the Ronald the Great that much.

Truth be told I'm pretty sure I'd have done the same for Lincoln.  (*Don't tell Vox I said that.*)

But Lincoln's world was that of 1860s.  Reagan's was the 1980s.  Neither of the existential threats America faced then exists now.   And we face the biggest threat to our country, being our country since 1776.

We are not too far from the brink of a kind of civil war that can't be won by occupying enemy territory but can only be won by reducing enemy population centers and that is terrifying to me.  Both sides appear to know it and frighteningly their side seems to think they can "win it in less than thirty days." We face an adversary that can't face the reality of their strategic situation.

The Left produces no strategic resources except for a chimerical dollar.  Yet the dollar would collapse like the Twin Towers if a civil war broke out.  The Right has no ideological aversion to going back to a gold and barter standard.  We can live like that.

The only other thing the Left has produced are millions of hungry mouths to feed in their cities.

Fine, I know who will win a civil war but my kids don't need to see that.

I will however grant that the left understands that there is a potential for a civil war even if they are delusionally  over estimating  their chance of winning it.

This is the world we live in and the extremists on both sides get it.

The people who don't are the ones in the middle.  To be exact the Right of Middle.  They are convinced that if they can just force everyone on the Right (and only on the Right) to be a bit more moderate then the train will be fine.

Consequently they pretend that they don't live in the world of today but of that of thirty years ago.  And they demand that everyone on the Right live there too.  Trying to Reagan-Shame us is their new hobby.

We just don't love Reagan as much as they do.

And for the Bush Neocons that one is the biggest whopper they have ever told.  They hated everything about Reagan except his popularity.  Papa Bush's A Thousand Points of Light Speech was as a complete rejection of Ronald Reagan as could be imagined.

Baby Bush's policies were all a continuation of his father's, with pretty much the same older and wiser heads guiding his hand to the same conclusions his father would have reached. He was fine with this  as it was likely the result of knowing he wasn't half the man his father was.

Reaganism proceeded through the years to become more memory than policy as the world it came from faded from existence. Reagan was governor of California and carried it twice.  No Republican can carry the state in a presidential election today.  That is simply the country we live in now.

When Jeb announced that he was a good Reagan Conservative I knew the game was over...I also knew that was the funniest thing I had ever heard any of the Bushs had say in public.

Reaganism is as dead as Lincolnism.

What the Conservadrones at CPAC are really mourning is the final and unequivocal death of Bushism.


Jew613 said...

Cataline, if Bush II was indeed aware of his inferiority to his own father why bother putting the enormous effort to take and hold the presidency?

The whole act of politicians praising a great dead man who they hated in life is actually pretty common. Everyone wants the mantle of a great a truly beloved leader who is no longer around to dispute who is his rightful heir. I think it probably exists in every society.

As for an American Civil War II, I hope you can avoid it. Particularly because in these wars if there's no place to run away to the fighting goes on and on until one side is exhausted. Maybe you can drive the Leftists into Canada. But short of that you'd hate to devastate their population of men of military age. I believe around 25% of men of military age died in the first Civil War.

Cataline Sergius said...

I don't think he hates his father. I think he reveres him.

That is the intrinsic problem of being the "older but lesser son of a great man".

The mirror of his early life reflects that of a man with an inferior character. His alcoholic wastrel youth. His laughable military career as a TexANG pilot.

Making matters worse was the fact that his younger brother was everyone's favorite. Including their father's. Jeb was the one who was supposed to inherit the family business, not W.

It was his inferiority complex that drove him to seek the presidency.

RobM said...

I don't think CPAC really has soaked in that Bushism is done. I think there are more than a handful of players that are biding their time. It will be interesting to see if Trump and his, can carve out a new party and sideline the old guard. We'll see who gets elected in '18; if Trump can get some more new faces to caucus with and build on.

Re; the Civil War II... I think we've actually backed off the danger a bit. With the left now in a fractured mess, they will fight with one another and they've newly discovered states rights. In the meantime, Trump is busy dismantling the regulatory state and hopefully will be returning power to the states. As states have more initiative, I think we'll see less lawfare and folks start to move to where they like how a certain state is run. Had Hillary won, I think a civil war was highly likely. Now, not so much, but the tinder is there for sure. As long as PDJT can stay safe and no idiots attempt to take him out, time is on our side. If they go after his life, disregard what I said. I pray the country doesn't go down that road again.

Wynn Lloyd said...

I have some affectionate memories of Reagan around 1986-1987, but those revolve around a birthday party and my starting kindergarten, so I don't have enough first-hand knowledge about him, and of course, the histories of the time are mostly negative, given the allegiance of their writers. Still, he seemed like a good president, maybe the last one that "most people" had fondness for?

I don't think we will have a true civil war. The leftists deep down know they are not Che Guevera. They can protest and scream against static lines of stalwart police, but when an actual threat emerges they will scatter. That's why I believe that the latest Antifa whining is genuine. The leftists in my life are cowardly babies who would react in the same way, and one of them has lied about being an Antifa-style idiot.

The leftist uses swarming tactics. With an actual threat they will scatter, kind of like inner city blacks once gunfire pops off. It won't matter if they themselves are armed. They will value their own lives above any cause. Part of why they do what they do is for appearances. You can't enjoy that while dead, obviously.

The left has relied on would-be deplorables; soldiers, sailors, police, etc. to do their killing and dying. The neocons were only able to make war because they knew how to harness residual patriotism for their own ends. As more of these Natural shitlords awaken, the less the left will have to use.

Sorry for the Novel. Yours was excellent post so I got to thinking too much. These are just my 2 cents.