Friday, February 17, 2017

The Deep State's Shadow Cabinet

Normally when a president leaves offices, he's done with politics for sometime.  The toughest job on Earth has aged him past his years and he is happy to put down his burden.

He writes a biography or rather looks on with keen interest as it is written for him.  He hits the lecture circuit.  He brushes up on on his golf game.

Obama's golf game needs no brushing up as it never noticeably suffered under his presidency.  Obama was one of laziest presidents the US has ever had.  A lot of that just comes from a life where he was wafted upward, constantly promoted past his merits and abilities by people who were desperate to have him be a success.

They are still desperate for him to be success.  It's incredible to me that the man who utterly destroyed the Democratic party is still besotted with the man by it's members.

None the less, Obama worked Country Club hours in the White House.  His work day began at nine and was done by four thirty.  What this means is that he is not at all exhausted by his herculean labors.  He can take on quite a bit more than the average political work load for an ex-president.

They don’t have the strength or the numbers to be the opposition party unless, of course, Republicans cross the aisle and join them. There just isn’t any “there” there. The Democrats are down 1,200, 1,300 seats. They only run five states. They literally are a regional political party and the battles that they’re having internally to come up with a new chairman are an embarrassment.

The Democrat Party really, really is dwindling away before our eyes. But don’t misunderstand me. It’s precisely because of this that the unelected Democrat Party, which is embedded in our nation’s bureaucracy, has taken over the role of the opposition party. And by that I mean all of the Obama appointees in the intelligence community. All of the Obama and Clinton appointees at the departments of justice, departments of state and the defense department, they are all there, and they are working to sabotage the administration of Donald Trump from within. They are doing this with the aid and cooperation of the media.

Now, the media isn’t who they used to be, either, just as the Democrat Party is really not a functioning political party. Now, don’t misunderstand me on this. I’m not saying that they’ve been defeated forever and gone away, but as currently constituted, they are not an opposition force that can stop anything. They simply don’t have the numbers in the House, in the Senate. In the true representative republic sense of our country, they don’t have any power.

And so they have to turn the country into something other than a representative republic, something other than a democracy, which is what they are doing and which is why what they are doing is far more dangerous than anything Flynn may or may not have done. It’s far more dangerous than anything Flynn may or may not have said. And this effort to deconstruct and transform this country began in Ernest with Barack Hussein Obama and it continues from the shadows of the embedded bureaucrats all throughout not just the federal government, but in the judiciary and in certain levels of state government.

The Democrats have a critical problem and that problem is a leadership vacuum.  Thanks to Obama the only officers they have that could step into that role are either senile geriatrics like Nancy Pelosi or Loony Left  radicals like Kamala Harris.  The Clintons were supposed to have that job but they are now finished in politics no matter what Hillary is convincing herself now that her meds have been adjusted again.

The only guy they have left that can pull the strings is Obama.  He brings with him when loyalists from the Deep State Class who are in jobs that he put them in.  He brings his loyal press corps poodles that never got tired of humping his leg.  He brings a locus of coordination for Deep State Class.

However he also brings himself.  This is the man that shattered the Democratic Party.  I can think of much worse enemies we could have.

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