Sunday, February 12, 2017

Still Not a New Tea Party

The women’s marches that brought millions onto streets across the country the day after Trump’s inauguration — spurred organically through social media — opened Democratic leaders’ eyes to the possibilities.

With a 10-day recess beginning next weekend, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has instructed her members to hold a “day of action” in their districts, including town halls focused on saving the Affordable Care Act. The following weekend, Democratic senators and House members will hold protests across the country, hoping to link arms with local activists who have already marched against Trump.

The left is still dreaming of their own version of the Tea Party.  What is going on right now is the same-old same-old chant stupid slogans and wave signs around. There is nothing new in this at all.

This has entered into DoubleDown territory for them at this point so I don't see them facing reality anytime soon.

The amazing thing is they can't even accurately recall their own history from eight years ago.  The battle plan they adopted at that time was built entirely around short term gains and long term losses.  They accepted that as the price of doing business. 

They did not win all of those seats in Red districts by being an SJW intifada no matter what they are telling themselves today.  They won them by putting up candidates who ran as middle of the road kind of guys.  A lot of them were veterans who had been disillusioned by Neocon policies and Bush's ridiculous neediness.  Honestly Rumsfield should have been fired when the occupation went south but Baby Bush clearly couldn't live without him.  Keeping him around for as long as he did was one of the big reasons the GOP lost the hill, (although it was far from the only one).

Anyway if there is one thing veterans are good at, it's following senseless orders.  So when Rahm Emanuel told them it was time to strap on the satchel packs and charge the bunkers, chanting, "O-Ba-Ma! O-Ba-Ma!"  These representatives from Red state districts swallowed hard, saluted and did as they were instructed.

The voters back home looked at all of the things their reps were voting for and demanded that they stop.  The reps in effect told them, "no, we serve a higher purpose than repping you now." 

It was this disrepresentation of Red district citizens by their own elected officials that generated the culture that created the Tea Party.  

The Democrats had been gaining ground for two electoral cycles until Obama decided he didn't give the slightest of fucks about the future of his own party.  Everything had to be about what was accomplished in the short term during his presidency.  Change...Big Change had to be accomplished on his watch.  It was of course all about him.

They got creamed in the next two off year elections.

While Obama didn't like how the results felt to him personally this was the very definitely their Plan B strategy from the start.  Ramrod an unpopular agenda through even at the cost of losing a congressional majority and then ride out the veto for the next six years.  Hopefully the Change would be too institutionalized by then to be reversed.  The jury is still out on whether he was wrong or not.

But the big thing to remember is that the Tea Party was founded on disrepesentation by elected office holders.  That is absolutely not in play this time.

What was in play with the Talking Vajay-jay march was a lot simpler.

Then I realized: One thing women are good at is organizing get-togethers with other women. Every cubicle job I’ve ever had consisted of almost daily bridal and baby and birthday parties, and the all-important “going for lunch,” occasionally punctuated by work.


So I had to pivot from gloating about puny attendance to collecting evidence of the marchers’ idiocy, which, of course, proved laughably easy.

If asked to choose a “favorite” picket sign from the oh-so-many left littering the scene, I’d have to go with the unfathomable “Make Them Pay for Razors if We Pay for Tampons.”

(A close second? This guy’s ”Don’t Grab Women by the Pussy—That’s Where Babies Come From!” is currently tied with “Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles,” but I’m open to suggestions (with hyperlinks) for runners-up in the comments.

Prizewinning reaction from our side? No contest—the ubiquitous:

Trump got more fat women to walk today than Michelle Obama did in eight years.


So, er, where were all these women when Hillary Clinton was speaking to near-empty arenas, or on Election Day, when such a turnout actually mattered?” all of you non-multiple-award-winning New York Times columnists are rightly wondering.

Women don’t want their grievances fixed, you silly boys.

They want them heard.

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