Thursday, February 16, 2017

Starship Troopers: The Parallax Viewing

"How do you explain to your actors when you are casting them, that you are essentially casting them as a joke?"

Bob called my attention to Red Letter Media's Re-Vue of Starship Troopers.  Now these guys are solid Lefties but they aren't SJWs otherwise they wouldn't have said that Feminist Ghostbusters was a complete heap of shit.

Clearly and obviously, neither of them ever read the book.  That gives them a viewpoint that I just don't have.  Starship Troopers was a book that influenced a very important decision in my life.  Maybe I would have joined the Marine Corps if I hadn't read it anyway, maybe I wouldn't have gone near the military.  I'll never know because I can't picture how my mind would have developed without reading this book. What I do know is that it gave me a philosophical basis for life in the military and a moral framework for what I had to do there..

I should say that with the fullness of time I have come to find fault with Heinlein's book.  In the ST universe that he created, there was a global military that functioned at American standards.  This is impossible.  Soldiers are the end result of the society that produces them.  You can't change that by wishing real hard.  An Arab officer will steal from his troops as instinctively as a beaver builds a dam.  The Chinese won't think twice about burning soldiers like joss sticks. And your average trooper from the third world will drop his rifle and run the first time he gets shot at.  The Starship Troopers federation was a globalist one where everyone spoke different languages but were basically still Americans.

So it's interesting to me to see these guys examining a movie without the intellectual baggage that I have. They neither read the book or were ever in the military. They can judge it, solely as a film in and of itself.  Which I can't do.

Both of them claim the movie is one of their favorites.  They both liked it and as you know I did not.  I should point out that I did love the first Robocop, so I'm not being that guy here.

One thing that Mike came up with is that Starship Troopers is the mirror darkly version of the Star Trek episode titled: Arena (AKA the Gorn episode).  Now I do find that an interesting juxtaposition because Arena was written by Gene L. Coon who had been a Marine in WWII and saw some of the toughest fighting in the Pacific. Where as Verhoeven's military service was in the Netherlands Navy shooting documentaries and instructional films.

Mike, points out that at the end of the Gorn episode Kirk has come to understand his enemy and refuses to kill him, thus becomes more evolved.  Where as in Starship Troopers there is never any effort to reach an understanding with the Bugs.

Of course being good liberals they are making the assumption that the Bugs would have something to say other than, "well you see the reason we are killing all of you is that, we want you all to die.  We have no desire to share a universe with you whatsoever."

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Harsh said...

Now these guys are solid Lefties but they aren't SJWs otherwise they wouldn't have said that Feminist Ghostbusters was a complete heap of shit.

I think you're right about Jay and the rest of the crew being Lefties but I kind of think Mike is more right-leaning, maybe a libertarian. I only say that because he seems more alpha and less tolerant of PC bullshit. Admittedly this is based on my impression with no real evidence to back it up.