Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Night Drive By

Well it's another Saturday night and I ain't got no ideas.  So here is a random sample of stuff I didn't do anything with tonight.

The Democrats selected a new DNC chair and showered him with protest chants.  Yeah I'm not too worried about the mid-terms just yet.

During the Obama Years the White House Correspondence Dinner became a major draw because Hollywood A-listers started showing up to suck Obama's dick.  After much hand wringing over what to do over President Trump attending this year's NerdProm.  President Trump decided to go easy on them and just not show up.  In gratitude the press bitched about it.  

The Occupy types decided to prove how much a modern college education is really worth.

Yep Hitler did a great job building the Berlin Wall

And Disney released the first cast and crew photo for the completely unwanted pre-sequel (?) Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Its due out next year and it has the potential to be the first Star Wars flop because they cast Khaleesi and up until now Emilia Clarke has been box office death unless there are tits and dragons present.   Anyway the SJWs got to decide what the casting requirements were for the last two movies so they completely lost their shit when they saw this cast was mostly White.  

Although if they had actually bothered to read it, they would have found out that two of the dreaded Whites are directors.  And Thandie Newton was missing from the photo.  Not that it would matter in the least once they were triggered.  Doubtless Thandie not being there was Disney discriminating against blacks.  And besides just seeing all those Whites in what has now been captured as an SJW safe space was pretty damn triggering all by itself.

I'm not sure what they had against Chewbacca.

Have a better one tomorrow.

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