Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PewDiePie = Anti-Semite = #FakeNews

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal indulged itself in an SJW hit piece on Swedish YouTube streamer PewDiePie #StillNotARightWingPaper.  The piece baselessly accused him of being Anti-Semitic.

It was complete bullshit.  He was just using that imagery as a comedy prop.  South Park has doing the same thing for twenty years now.  Mel Brooks has been doing worse for forty.

None the less it was enough for Disney to panic and fire him.  While Disney is indeed SJW convergent I suspect they were just indulging themselves in their reflexive, draconian brand protection.  They had entered into a business relationship with a big name without thinking ahead ir seeing what they were getting into.  This is typical of it's SJW CEO Bob Iger, the man is incapable of strategic thinking.

YouTube on the other hand has just chopped the head off it's biggest star and stuck it on a pike to please the SJW mob.  They didn't need to do that at all.  The YouTube Heroes just wanted to go big game hunting.  Make no mistake, YouTube is the first major part of Google to be SJW converged.  I expect Blogger will follow eventually.  (*Cataline looks around his walled city and sighs knowing the barbarians are already behind the gate.*)

The rest of what is happening to PewDiePie is a standard SJW lynching.  And of course the fool apologized so he is done for.

Anyway, here is Sargon's take...enjoy it while it's available.


Jew613 said...

This whole thing is stupid. It was a joke, normal people ignore jokes they dont like. But SJW's are a humorless bunch. Maybe its not too late for someone to get Pewdiepie a copy of SJWAL.

If these whiners actually cared about Jews they'd realize there are people who really want to murder all the Jews. But they are mostly on the accepted "oppressed" list so nothing can be said. Plus destroying a comedian over a joke makes people really believe the protocols of the elders of zion is true.

Disney and Youtube are big enough that it will take time for their convergence to bring them down but that will be the final result.

Cataline Sergius said...

Oh none of this has anything to do with carrying about Jews

Not too long ago PewDiePie said something he wasn't supposed to say. Which was was the truth.

He said that, Youtube didn't want him on top anymore because he's White. He even said he was White out loud where people could hear him and everything.

Make no mistake this was a planed takedown in accordance with the almighty Narrative.

bob kek mando ( Death To The Boor-geois, Keks To The Lol-etariat ) said...

Jew613 said...
But SJW's are a humorless bunch.

false to facts. you're repeating Limbaugh's comprehension error. likely because the Truth terrifies both of you.

the Left understands 'humor' just fine.

what *YOU* don't comprehend is that the Left ONLY uses 'humor' as a Social Dominance Game tool. they make jokes about the Right for the explicit and exclusive purpose of subjugating the Right. well, okay, it's also to Groom those of the Right so that they choose to voluntarily submit and grovel, rather than defend themselves against these outrageous slanders, as they properly should.

as such, the Left responds with horror and rage when humor is used against them because the Left comprehends this as ... them losing the Social Dominance Game.