Monday, February 6, 2017

In Case You Hadn't Heard the Left Hates Us

My readers are perfectly cognizant of this fact but given that #NeverTrumper are not only not endangered as a species they could not even reasonably be said to be threatened.  There is still a shit ton of "conservatives" who remain blissfully unaware of this fact.

Admittedly the actual Cucks who live in the Left's vest pocket (looking at you David Frum) are perfectly aware of it but they know they will be kept around as Tokens so long as keep saying bad things about President.

No, I'm referring to people of the right wing who still think that the Left can be reasoned with.

Understand that when they call Donald Trump “illegitimate,” what they are really saying is that our desire to govern ourselves is illegitimate. Their beef isn’t with him – it’s with us, the normal people who dared rise up and demand their right to participate in the rule of this country and this culture.

They hate you, because by defying them you have prevented them from living up to the dictates of their false religion. Our rebelliousness has denied them the state of grace they seek, exercising their divine right to dictate every aspect of our puny lives. Their sick faith gives meaning to these secular weirdos, giving them something that fills their empty lives with a messianic fervor to go out and conquer and convert the heathens. 


The first step is to end the denial. Open your eyes. See what is happening. Don’t allow yourself to be deluded by false nostalgia for a past period of cultural peace that existed only because, at that time, the Left was winning. They hate you. Look at Twitter. Look at Facebook. Try and tell yourself that leftists are just nice people who disagree with you on a few policy details. Stop fooling yourself.

Understand that this must get much worse before it can get better. We may wish to stop the cultural/political struggle, but they can’t stop. Their religion tells them we are greedy, racist, sexist, homophobe morons who hate science and love Hitler. How could they tolerate us? How could they ever allow us power?

They can’t. Their sick ideology and false theology requires that we be enslaved or exterminated – we can’t be tolerated, and we certainly can’t be allowed to hold the reins of power. I hoped that
my novel People’s Republic, about what lies at the bottom of this blood-soaked slippery slope, would be rendered moot by the GOP’s victory in November. I was wrong. The Left has redoubled its efforts.

So the only outcome is that one side wins and the other loses. There’s no truce to be had, no possibility of a tie. And the frightening thing is that the Left is so foolish, so stuck in its bubble that it has no understanding that it can only push so far before the people with all the guns and all the training push back. That’s the problem with kids who were raised on participation trophies and who never got into a fistfight – they don’t consider the possibility that they will lose, and lose hard.

I know all too well what a modern civil war looks like.  I know without question the modern Left can not possibly survive once one starts.  They can't survive without a rich American middle class to support them. 

And our riches are built on a very ephemeral US Dollar.  It will be the first thing to vanish. 

The thing is, we can live like that. 

They can't.

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