Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heads Up

Subject: Anti-government Protests Scheduled for 17 FEB 17

"While the information has not been vetted, groups similar in make-up to those involved with the recent Berkeley campus disturbance have communicated their intentions to bring civil unrest, damage, physical assaults, and business disturbance to multiple cities this coming Friday, February the 17th beginning at sundown. Intercepted communications suggests a high probability of physical violence against law enforcement, as well as citizens displaying any form of conservative messaging; the same is intended against businesses already known or displaying conservative messages or messages of Trump support. Many of the participants will be well trained and prepared for an aggressive clash with law enforcement."

Planned protest locations in NRMA include: Chicago, IL; Joe Marino Park, Rockford, IL; Senator Pat Toomey's Pittsburgh office, Pittsburgh, PA; Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; Concord State House, Concord, NH; New London, CT; Bloomington, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Boston, MA; Augusta, ME; Bangor, ME; Detroit, MI; Lansing, MI; Asheville, NC; Mooresville, NC; Charlotte, NC; New Brunswick, NJ; Buffalo, NY; Canton, NY; Columbus, OH; Dayton, OH; Toledo, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Norfolk, VA; Richmond, VA."

This came from NCIS.

The more limp wristed members of the opposition are planning on a General Strike.  Which is a European thing they are trying to import to this country.  I am curious to see how much of an impact they are going to be able to effect.  My suspicion is that the the General Strike will demonstrate their own impotence while the riots will prove (assuming they happen at all) just how adept they are at burning their own neighborhoods down.

One thing is for certain, if we even hear a breath of the name "Soros" it's time that we demand our president take firm action.

UPDATE:  Once again NCIS has earned it's well deserved reputation.

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L. Beau said...

Yeah, the impact of "A Day Without Immigrants 2017 was Yuuuge." scarcasm!