Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cracked Still Sucks.

An idiot friend of mine whom I can barely tolerate sent me some stupid ass listicle from Cracked titled 9 Things Trump Wished He Knew Before He Became President.  In case you are wondering, yes I have personal reasons for not kicking him to the curb but he keeps pushing the boundaries of my patience. Regardless, Cracked still sucks.

In case you were wondering smug condescension is indeed what passes for humor at Cracked these days.  It is now completely a converged SJW media platform, which is sad because it used to be the funniest site on the internet.


You won't believe this but there was a time when WIRED was a libertarian magazine.

It's true!!!!

It happened slowly at first, just an article or two with a lefty slant.  I mean libertarianism is all about taking what you want from the left and leaving the rest behind like a political salad bar, Right?

So you have to have a few token lefty articles just to prove that you aren't a knuckle dragging Scudderite.  Free Speech is all and everything to the Libertarian.  So you keep around the token lefty, to prove how inclusive you are.  Please note: that libertarians NEVER keep around a token conservative. Their besetting sin is that they view progressives as (by in large) their intellectual and social equals. They do not feel that way about social conservatives.  In their pride Libertarians need someone to look down on.  I know.  I used to be one.

Anyway, the token lefty hangs around long enough to begin making hiring decisions

And then before you know it something that was all about free minds and free markets, was all about Anthropogenic Global Warming and sucking Neil Degrasse Tyson's dick.

The latest libertarian media to fall is

It isn't funny if it isn't tedius

Little wonder then, that so many Redditors accuse Wong’s comedy site of becoming little more than a knockoff version of Salon or Gawker.

Once upon a time, the site knew few comedic boundaries. For example, this “Star Wars” parody, created by former contributor John Cheese contains racial stereotypes, rape jokes, and intensely vulgar language. It specifically advises the easily offended to stay away.

Today, things are different. In his AmA, Wong proudly proclaimed that his writers “try really hard to walk through the reasoning behind our criticism” and explain “why seemingly innocuous things can be toxic.” Readers waiting for a punchline were disappointed: Wong was being serious.

In one viral image, the website’s former content is compared to its current fare. On one side of the image is the site’s front page as it appeared in 2010, featuring articles about superhero identities, historical identities, and writing tips. On the other is the site as it appears today – plastered with headlines like “5 ways men are trained to hate women,” “The 5 weirdest things that can cause you to be racist,” and “5 shocking realities of being transgender.” Widespread accusations that the site has transitioned from comedy to identity politics appear to have a solid basis in reality.

Note the use of the word former to describe John Cheese.  Now that Reddit has noticed how much of an SJW pit Sylvester P. Smythe's proud publication has become they recently brought Cheese back to do an article on how porn has changed since...well since he left

It was trying a little too hard to be edgy.  It was sad

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