Thursday, February 23, 2017


There are probably quite a few of you who are under the impression that the CIA leans to the right.  Not so much.

Actually I missed this one.  The moment I heard the letters CIA, I tuned out completely.  The story is that last week, some spook made a big fuss about not being able to work for Trump on general principle so he was quitting The Company.  The fact that the WaPo was skyling this guy meant that it was unquestionably all about lefty politics and that he was lying about it being the principle.

A CIA employee who contributed thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and who is a registered Democrat announced his decision to leave the agency in a Washington Post column published Sunday, writing that his departure "had nothing to do with politics."

Edward Price resigned from the CIA last week and used the Washington Post to explain his decision that he could not "in good faith serve this administration as an intelligence professional." Price wrote that his "decision had nothing to do with politics," and that he "would have been proud to again work under a Republican administration."

"As intelligence professionals, we’re taught to tune out politics," Price wrote.

Unmentioned by Price or the Washington Post is the fact that Price gave $5,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that splits contributions between the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Public records indicate that Price is registered to vote as a Democrat in the District of Columbia.

Price rose through the ranks at the White House during the Obama administration. By the end of the administration, Price was the top spokesman and a senior director for Obama's National Security Council.

Price reportedly worked hand in hand with Obama's deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes in his effort to create an "echo chamber" during the administration's nuclear negotiations with Iran.

What do you expect from a spy, of course he was lying.  Gaining trust and betraying that trust is their bread and butter.  Turning their coat is what gets them up in the morning.  They enjoy doing this.

CIA is the organization that gave the rightwing William F. Buckley and Egg McMuffin.  

Speaking of Egghead, Brad Togerson has finally seen the light regarding that man.

Just to be clear about it, and speaking as someone who not only voted for Evan McMullin in November, but encouraged many others to also vote for Evan McMullin too . . . the man has sacrificed my good will and support. What he did was dirty. It doesn't matter if he thinks his target deserved it, nor how righteous he thinks his cause is. It was dirty. It was cheap. Lying by omission. Perhaps also, false witness? It made me feel like I'd been sold a fraudulent bill of goods, back in October and November. I don't forget stuff like that. I don't forget it when somebody fools me in this manner. Especially not someone who claims to walk beneath my church's banner with me. Go to the Lord, brother. He will probably be more forgiving of you than I will be. And I am not alone. You're not getting my vote back. Ever.

Well McMuffin's political career was as much of a red herring as the rest of life's work.  He was just trying to oh so cleverly create a split in the Electoral College, which would throw the vote to the House who in theory could elect anyone they want but in practice if they elected anyone other than Donald Trump almost all of them would be turned out of office.  It was a hilariously stupid plan from the start.  It was a ridiculously arrogant notion to begin with.

I suppose at this point you might be asking, why does the CIA produce such awful people?

It's not an unreasonable question.  First of all, there are some good guys in the HUMINT business, although you would faint if you found out how few of them actually work for the CIA as government employees.  About half of the guys providing HUMINT are private contractors at this point.  There is a reason no one at CIA lost their job over 9-11.

A big part of CIA's problem is institutional.  They have always been in the position of telling their bosses, I'm sorry but we can't tell you what we are doing.  It's for the best and you know it has to be this way.  This creates a serious problem in supervision.  It is known in military circles as "stove-piping." 

Another facet of the problem is that when Allen Dulles took over the post of Director he headed a massive expansion of the organization and modeled it after the much admired (at the time) MI6 of Great Britain.  

MI6 was a bluebood outfit.   It recruited it's men from Cambridge and Oxford.  Dulles naturally recruited heavily from Harvard and Yale (which is how Buckley came to work for them as Mexico City's Station Chief).  

This created three major problems.

First, college boys really aren't good spy raw material.  The best collections guys are VHIQ types who DID NOT go to college.  There are a number of reasons for that but it's the truth.  They approach the business as a trade rather than a profession and it makes a huge difference as to the quality of their work.

Second, the UK universities of that period produced men who were being trained to run the globe spanning British Empire. Their curriculum, social class and mind set prepared them for ruling populations that were always going to severely out number them.  This is a serious leg up in the intel business because you always need to know if the natives are getting restless before the uprising starts.   Ivy League universities on the other hand were training its young men to run United States Steel.

Third, because of one and two these men view themselves as elitists who know better than their bosses. Particularly when that boss is Donald Trump. The prolier than thou President Trump absolutely rubs them the wrong way in every way possible.  The Bunky and Pongo set do not like taking orders from Larry the Cable Guy.  And these guys are used to overthrowing governments.

Which brings us back to the problem of the Deep State Class.  The CIA is very much a part of the Deep State. 

The destruction of Milo was many things to these guys, not least among them being a test run.


Jew613 said...

One thing a lot of people don't understand about the elite, is the utter contempt they feel for those who aren't part of the upper class. That is why they thought the insane plan to get Romney elected by the House of Representatives had any chance of succeeding. The over the top complexity also has the hallmarks of the CIA.

Its easy to forget that while President Trump has always had money his father didn't. Fred Trump left school at 16 to work as a carpenter because his father had died. Fred was famously cheap, going to his job sites to pick up unused nails. This working class sensibility was passed to The Donald. The President has a real love of the lower classes that most elites don't only lack but cant really grasp. He is just as comfortable in the halls of power as dealing with union carpenters, and this more then anything else the elite cannot stand.

Cataline Sergius said...

Here's the thing.

Fifty years ago the SAT/ACT cleaned out everybody in small town America above a certain cutting score.

After being educated they got dumped into cities with well paying jobs. They got to enjoy the good life.

The problem is that it is real easy to convince yourself that your material success is the universe rewarding you for being a good person. And the fact that your poor cousins are still poor is because they are bad people.

Pride is the worst of all sins. It's the one that cuts you off from God.