Friday, February 24, 2017

Can You Frighten an SJW into Lucidity?

Sadly no.  However...

After the events of this past week, it's Schadenfreude-Friday here at the Dark Herald.  I searched hard and found a succulent banquet of SJW tears.

Michelle Goldberg is almost but not quite entering life in the real world.  Trump is apparently such a terrifying figure that she is almost able to see the world for what it is...Almost.

Her introduction is a thumbnail biography of some Russian Lesbian dissident which I am sparing you because I'm good like that.

Here's the opening quote by the dissident.

“In the last three years, since I got to this country, I realized what a mental price I had paid for living in a state of siege and a state of battle for a decade and a half,” she told me. At times, she said, being part of the righteous opposition was exhilarating, “but it’s intellectually deadening. When you are fighting, you stop learning. You stop reading theory. You stop reading about things that aren’t part of the immediate fight.”

Reading Theory always means rote learning the latest variation of Marxist Babble.  I'm not sure why anyone views this as high entertainment and I don't care.  What I want to know the fuck is it that any Russian is still falling for Marx?

Not reading this garbage is a good thing.  

Intellectual enervation is a luxury problem. 

She appears to be in possession of a fact dear reader. Let us see what she can do with it!

Many in Trump’s America are facing material emergencies such as deportation or the loss of health insurance. 

Okay, not much but it was worth a shot.  

I mean you never know, right?  David Mamet eventually came around so maybe someone else can too.   It could happen!

A leaked draft of an executive order revealed on Friday would seek to use the National Guard to round up and detain undocumented immigrants, an idea that will spread terror even if it’s never implemented. Compared to this, Trump’s denial-of-service attacks on our attention are nothing.

Actually they are brilliant. He is deep inside their OODA loop.* 

But they have still ruined the daily fabric of life in this country.

Not for me!

Every day there’s a new Trumpian outrage that in an ordinary presidency would be a multiday scandal: an ostensibly light-hearted threat to invade Mexico, a casual dismissal of a potential Palestinian state, a feud with a reporter or an actor or a department store. Trump lies so much it’s as if he’s intentionally mocking the impotence of truth. 

Truth is little bird tweeting in Meadow. Truth is a wreath of pretty flowers...that smell bad.

Their media battleship is big and powerful. But it is also slow and unwieldy. And it can't fire on a dozen targets all at once.  

Although it can still effectively fire on just one.  Milo forgot that. 

He shamelessly profits off his office, reveling in our powerlessness to stop him. 

Not sure if he does but I sure as fuck do!
His closest aide is an unkempt racist who has described Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl as a role model. A senior adviser uses her administration perch to hawk the president’s daughter’s line of polyester-blend workwear in a blatant violation of ethics rules. Trump himself is either enmeshed in a subversive relationship with Vladimir Putin, or he’s willing to appear to be. He and his coterie make a fetish of patriotism yet take a perverse antinomian pleasure in defiling the presidency.

As opposed to defiling patriotism and making a fetish of the presidency, Which is what you and your friends were doing for the last eight years darling.

Those of us who are part of the growing majority


 of Americans who hate what’s happening look at each other and say: This is not normal. But let’s be honest: One month in, constant low-grade panic interspersed with bursts of manic outrage is starting to feel more normal than it should.

Because he hasn't done anything to affect your life you idiot. 

Other than say things that make you wet yourself.  

There has been no nationalization of local police forces.  There has been no laws passed forbidding a marriage on the grounds of miscegenation.  There has been no laws passed forbidding you to insult the president.  

The only thing that is happening is that it's become obvious just how dependent you were on Obama's pen and phone to ride roughshod over the will of the American people. I suppose realizing just how impotent you always were is something of a shock but you'll get over it.

I will meet someone for lunch or coffee, and after an hour offline, we will both warily check our phones, wondering what new horror transpired while we were away. My mind has grown coarse. 

See you are getting over it.

I hold on to distant hopes that the intelligence community will save us. In the past, I would have been intrigued by the moral complexities of the deep state undermining an elected but compromised president. Now I think: Do whatever it takes to get him out of there.

If you really want to kick off a civil war that is a hell of a good way to start one. 

In Commentary, John Podhoretz, an anti-Trump conservative, worries that potential Democratic efforts to remove Trump from the presidency for possible legal and constitutional violations could trigger “political violence of a sort we haven’t seen in 50 years, and maybe haven’t really seen in this country in the modern era. Those who believe Trump is a unique menace … to our democratic way of life will be met with those who believe the elites are using illicit means to oust the legitimately elected president of the United States.” I hope this is not true. 

Allow me to dash that hope.  Every word of this is true.  

I honestly don't think you morons have any means at your disposal to oust the president.  Which is good because if by some dark miracle you managed that, you would have IEDs going off in Tribeca, Brentwood and Georgetown. This would not be a "watch it on the TV" kind of civil war,   It would literally be going on in your living room. 

My family can survive but my kids don't need to see what this looks like.

But if it is, it would mean that the problem with black bloc anarchists isn’t that they’re adolescent vandals who don’t respect liberal values like free speech. It would mean that the real problem is that there aren’t enough of them, and unlike their enemies on the right, they aren’t armed. It would mean that the real problem isn’t too much left-wing militancy, but too little.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (*gasp...wheez...gasp*) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Yes, launching a civil war and then...and only then...finding out you have no one to fight it for you is indeed a significant drawback.

The next two paragraphs are just SJW word salads you've all heard before.  Although there was considerable whining over the fact that GOP House members aren't going to hold town halls on the grounds that everyone knows that the SorosTroopers will show up and bust up the meeting.  

She can't believe she lives in a world where the GOP isn't falling for obvious traps like that anymore.   

Okay, truth be said I'm kind of amazed about that myself.

During the campaign, when some Republicans expressed qualms about Trump, it was possible for a liberal to imagine that, beneath our mutual partisan loathing, a baseline civic commonality still bound the country together. 

Yeah, not so much.  Facebook destroyed that illusion...for us!  

A big part of the reason we won this time is that your average Red Stater got to find out that Statsi-envy wasn't just limited to Journolisters like you and the Limousine Leninists of Hollywood.   People who we thought were our friends were very clear about the fact that they felt we should be ruined, locked up or best of all, beaten to death for not seeing the world as they do.  

Facebook made all of you drop the mask at the same time.  And without that mask in place, we saw the truth of you.

We found out that your definition of baseline civic commonality is, think as we tell you to think or else.

Hillary Clinton bet all her aspirations on it. She argued not that Trump was a typical Republican, but that Republicans were better than Trump. She was wrong. Republicans in Congress have watched silently as Trump has shredded American credibility in the world, terrorized immigrants, and flirted with treason. We can now see that there is nothing—not sexual lasciviousness, not corruption, not meddling by foreign adversaries—that Republicans abhor more than they abhor Democrats, nor anything they value above power.


Hillary Clinton was so convinced that she had a walk away, that she was more interested in trying to flip the House than actually win her own election.  She was convinced that she already had the Senate and thus the Supreme Court itself, already in the bag.  The White House race itself was just a clean up operation.  Her only worry there was could she get a popular majority instead of just an electoral win.

Okay so Michelle kind of knows these things but only in the back of mind.  She isn't that grounded yet.

It turns out that some anti-Trump conservatives doubted the president not because he’s a cruel authoritarian, but because they secretly worried that he wasn’t cruel and authoritarian enough. “I have a lot of friends on the right who did not support Donald Trump for president,” the conservative Erick Erickson wrote after Trump’s recent press conference. “They thought he was a closet liberal who would go left the moment he was elected or the moment he hit rough water. He has actually stayed largely on course. Yesterday, almost to a person, those friends of mine who did not and still do not really care for Donald Trump loved him.” Trump isn’t going to drain the swamp of Washington self-dealing, make the United States respected in the world, or bring back manufacturing jobs. But he gives the right something it wants much more: revenge. “He is a means to an end and that end is finally giving back to a group of people who behave as cultural elitists and insist people of good faith and conscience conform to values that do not reflect them instead of embracing a live and let live culture,” says Erickson.

I confess with considerable embarrassment that I was among those.  I had listened to the voices of concern.  Yes, there was the possibility that he was only saying those things because he had to do business in New York but it seemed more likely that he was what he said he was.

But right after he beat Cruz for the nomination I discovered something.  He carried a Smith & Wesson .38 J frame.  As Father frequently told me, all good men carry revolvers.**  After that it was easy to just lean forward and commit...

* (sigh) Yes, Tom. I know, I know.

**   Cataline looks down at his cool-ass Czech-75 Omega with custom Werner Mummert walnut grips in pronounced filial shame.. 

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