Monday, January 30, 2017

Why There Needs to be a Wall

The fundamental problem that we face today dates back to the creation of New World colonization project and which kinds of people were attracted to which colony.

The fundamental difference is that between the descendants of a Farmer Colony versus the descendants of an Exploitation Colony.

First definitions.

Exploitation Colony:  Pretty much the history of the Spanish in the New World...Although with some exception that we will get to in a minute.

An Exploitation Colony was created when the King gave a massive tract of land to a prominent family of this court.  That family sent (invariably) the second son to run the New World family plantation.  The Second Son's business plan was fairly simple.  Get as much wealth as he possibly could out his family's properties in the Americas then high tail it back to Madrid with his pockets bulging.  The Second Son had absolutely no motivation to make improvements to infrastructure of any kind because it was all a short range investment so far as he was concerned.   Your first and foremost goal was to get out of there as fast as you could as soon as you were rich enough.

If you were a man of means in an Exploitation Colony and you wanted a raise...You. Squeeeeezed. Harder.

The Exploitation Colony was all about the short game.

The Farmer Colony on the other hand was pretty much the exact opposite.  If you came to the America's as part of Farmer Colony than it was welcome to your forever home, the place you are going to eternally keep your things.  You ain't going nowhere.  It's make it or die time because this new place is very defiently it.  The Old World is the Dead to You World.  For whatever reason, you can't go back.

The Farmer Colony was all about the long game.

Now look at which kinds of people were attracted to which colonies.

Within any Old World society there was about 5% of the population that were born to be trouble.  They were the fountainhead of every peasant rebellion and the rest of the peasants hated them for it.  The other 95% rightfully viewed them as trouble makers and told their own kids, "the first nail-head to pop up is always the first to get hammered back down."  But at 5% you are never going to exterminate this genetic trait to rebel no matter how hard you try.  Read Gregor Mendel if you don't believe me.

When the New World opened up, they saw their chance and went for it.   The rebellious trait which is a mere 5% in the rest of the world's general population, is something like 45% here today.

This held true for the Spanish colonies in the New World too.  If you wanted to do the Exploitation Colony lifestyle you went to Mexico or the Islands.  If you wanted to get the hell away from Madrid forever you went to Tejas or California.

This was the true start of the Mexican/American War.  It wasn't a matter of land ravenous American Filibusters (old definition: look it up) it was a matter of Hispanics who had more in common with the Anglos than they did their brother from down south.  Don't believe me? Read the names of the men who died at the Alamo.

But that was then.  Bottom-line we got the best of their best one hundred fifty years ago.  What has followed on in a human tidal wave the likes of which hasn't been seen since the last big v√∂lkerwanderung two thousand years ago, are products of the American Exploitation Colony system.

The differences are too fundamental to gloss over with a pretty speech.  We need a wall or there will be the kind of  internal war that hasn't been seen here ever.

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