Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Universal Concealed Carry Reciprosity...Is the GOP Serious?

Hudson's legislation not only establishes national reciprocity for concealed permit holders but also national reciprocity for residents who live in states that require no permit for concealed carry. In the former situation the concealed carry permit of any state would be valid in every state and the "identification document" in possession of a resident of a constitutional carry state would serve as a permit to carry without a license in other states.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Representative Hudson is actually being sincere. But I don't think it matter. There is going to be problems with this one on Federalism pretexts. Also there is the matter of states like Vermont that doesn't require a permit to conceal carry.  This bill is supposed to cover that but frankly it can't.  Too much case law against it.

Honestly I would love universal reciprocity but the timing is bad.  Anything that gets introduced has to get through the Senate and without a supermajority there won't be a cloture vote.

Universal Reciprocity is going to have to inch it's way through the court system.

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