Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Talking Vajay-Jay March is the New Tea Party

No seriously this is actually plan A for the Left.

They are going to create their own version of the Tea Party from the Talking Vagina March.

In their minds the similarities between the Tea Party and the Great Pussy Protest couldn't be more starkly clear. Both were a reaction to an election whose result they rejected. Both were only pretending to be a grass roots movement when it was in fact being secretly funded by billionaire extremists. 

Apparently they need to believe in something so it is going to be the Women's

The existence of a grass roots movement encouraged serious candidates to take up the task of running for Congress in what had seemed a bad period for Republicans—the movement provided money, volunteers, and a core enthusiasm for the task. If Democrats can use the Women’s as a comparable accelerant to recruit candidates, particularly for the House, who have real connections to the Republican districts in which they are running and can frame their bids as a means of stopping Trump from working his will with an all-Republican Congress, they might really have something here.

Except of course that it won't work like that in the least.  They are so far gone they have no idea how women wearing vagina costumes and chanting vomitably obscene mantras strikes people in "Republican districts."

The post-Inauguration freak show that descended on Washington was a far cry from the festival of flags and tri-corner hats of the Tea Party revolt by America’s normals. Instead of a Norman Rockwell painting about democracy come to life, it looked like the parking lot sale at the offices of Dr. Fred Skeeve, the Discount Gynecologist.

Now, normal people would typically react with alarm and disgust at this kind of bizarre pageant, assuming they cared enough to pay attention to it. In the off chance they happened to encounter it while flipping channels, they would likely lunge for the remote so as not to poison innocent ears with puffy former starlet Ashely Judd’s anatomically incorrect slam poetry. Never have so many hotness-challenged crones so vehemently rejected being grabbed while simultaneously being at so little risk of it.

It’s a testament to the effectiveness of the liberal bubble that these loons expected that regular folks would see a bunch of grown women parading about in genital suits and think, “Yeah, these are the kind of mature, sensible people who really get where I’m coming from as a suburban mom. Especially that bunch over there in costumes that bring to mind what I suspect would be the chorus line climax at Hot Bodz Gentlemen’s Club in Newark.”

The fundamental problem this thing will have is the same problem every lefty protest has. It will never be able to maintain core focus. Every Left-wing fringe cause always and immediately glues itself to whatever is getting the most media coverage on any given day.

The Talking Vajay-Jay March only appeared to have a focused...sentiment (if not something as actually coherent as a message) because the press was covering for them as usual. In less than a month it is going to look like the usual Leftwing kaleidoscope of causes. And being of the Left the hivemind will never throw out it's own extremists.

This thing will deader than the Occupy Movement by election time in 2018 no matter how much support the Deep State gives it.

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Jew613 said...

While most women support the FI the Vajay jay march disgusts them as for women status is incredibly important and being part of a freak show is very low status.