Monday, January 23, 2017

The Return of the House Call

Mrs MacGuire just fell off the toilet.  A reaction to a medication she received.  Nothing life threatening but it needs to be attended to.

Today she will have to take an expensive ambulance ride to an even more expensive hospital where she will be admitted against her will despite the non-life threatening nature of her condition.  She will be released in the morning with a gigantic bill for something that could have easily been treated inexpensively in the home.

Seventy years ago she would have been easily treated inexpensively in the home.

And in ten years she will be treated inexpensively in the home...if she is treated at all.

We are about to face a crisis of a lack of doctors.

Worse still the ones that are being produced today aren't anywhere near as good as the ones that were being milled out thirty years ago.   At every turn there are diversity provosts stepping on the rope for "at risk peoples" and lifting entry bar over their heads for "traditional applicants".  The problem here is that once you get into a medical program it is damn near impossible to flunk out of it. 

Medicine has responded by making the standard of care a procedural checklist, that these doctors have no freedom to deviate from.  If the checklist is wrong and kills someone...well that was clearly the checklist's fault and not the doctor's.

The checklist is also expensive as it involves batteries and batteries of tests.  That is on top of the financial burden of parasitic legal levies by ambulance chasers and reams of regulations introduced by Obamacare.

A lot of doctors simply looked at this mess.  Looked at their paycheck and said, "fuck it! I'm out."

So how does this equate to more in home care?  Travel time is dead time.  Simple, it won't actually be physcians doing it.  It will be nurse-practitioners doing it.  This is already happening for the elderly who are healthy enough to require only assisted living rather than constant monitoring. Where they are leading the rest of the medical community will have to follow.

Question: So does this mean that we are facing a decreased standard of care, Cataline?

Answer: We already have a decreased a standard of care.  It fell while you weren't looking. 

But at least it will be cheaper.

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bob kek mando ( Death To The Boor-geois, Keks To The Lol-etariat ) said...

since you don't want comments on the relevant thread:

You only have to be accused of being a White Supremacist and any fuckstick is allowed to shoot your ass.

At least in Seattle.

the best part about this story? which kind of ties in with your "accusation" theory?

the man who was shot was a Bernie Sanders supporting member of the Wobblies ( International Workers of the World; Communist front org )

so the only question now is, what was the guy who shot him?

is this actually a Red on Red incident?