Monday, January 23, 2017

Quick Proportional Response to Street Attacks.

When I was going to Trump Rallies this fall, whenever the protesters that showed up started to act they were nerving themselves up for something everybody pulled out their phones and started recording.

It worked every time.

Okay it worked some of the time.  You are talking about a group of mentally unbalanced people who are finding safety in a the facelessness of a mob.

But now things are escalating.

Richard Spencer was attacked on camera in the last week and so was Sheila Gunn Reid. 

And in Seattle:

This week A man who fired the shot that left another critically wounded as protesters clashed outside a Milo Yiannopoulos talk on the University of Washington campus was reportedly detained but released after claiming self-defense.

The suspected shooter told investigators he believed the 34-year-old victim who attacked him during a violent clash was a white supremacist, according to a Seattle Times report.

He and a second person surrendered to campus police early Saturday and were later released...

Well there it is guys. You only have to be accused of being a White Supremacist and any fuckstick is allowed to shoot your ass.

At least in Seattle. 

The election has left our opponents more unbalanced than ever.  If you are going to exercise free speech in this country you are sooner or later going to have to fight for it.

My opinion of unarmed hand to hand combat is low.  Honestly I don't care how many black belts you have.  A weapon is always better than the empty hand.

Armed always beats unarmed...however and this is important...under American law the definition of "Deadly Force" is the sharp edge we will have to walk on.

From Cornell University Law School: Deadly force means that force which a reasonable person would consider likely to cause death or serious bodily harm. Its use may be justified only under conditions of extreme necessity, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.

Under US law any use of a firearm is ALWAYS considered Deadly Force. Firearms while our constitutional right are life and death last resort. 

You have to meet their violence with a proportional response.  We are the sane ones and that is quite a burden.

Gearshift: Have you ever noticed that traditional Martial Arts weapons resemble farm implements?  There's a reason for that.

Now carrying a bo staff and sai on an American street is likely to be viewed as provocative (and you will look fucking stupid).   But an (unbreakable) umbrella and a (skullbuster) pen will not.

Okay, sure, we aren't Brits but your alternative is a cane.  Frankly walking sticks have always been used to beat peasants, there is even a term for it that is still in use today, caning.  You will note there is no such word as umbrellaing.

Using an umbrella will look, improvised.  The same goes for a fighting pen.

This will do for the interim.  But that fact is if this keeps up we are going to have to create organized protection units.  I'm not happy about that because that has the potential to send the Left over the cliffs of insanity when they see something they will immediately christen the Neo-SS.

A few guidelines for these units are as follows:

1. No uniforms of any kind.  They will need to able to blend in  the crowd they are protecting and disappear again just as quickly.

2. No volunteers.  By that I mean don't accept just anybody who says he wants to help out. We will have to be selective about who we recruit.

3.  It's going to have to stay small.  What I am envisioning is not a riot squad.  If private riot squads become necessary we are probably about to begin a civil war.  In which case all the rules are off.

Lastly, remember you can't fight without being injured yourself. 

If you fight with your fists be ready to get punched. 
If you fight with a knife be ready to  get cut. 
If you fight with a gun be ready to be shot.


I am treading a thin line on incitement and I don't want my blog nuked if someone says the wrong thing to try and sound like a hard ass. So all comments will be removed if posted on this one.

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