Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oh For Fuck's Sake!

I have no idea what the flippity fuck the newsies are trying to accomplish with this ridiculous piece of horse shit.

So just reading this tweet discredits the entire story.

This memo was generated by #nevertrump oppo research.  Then when Egg McMuffin failed to set the house on fire, it got lateraled to Team I'm With Her.  Who thought it was way too to stupid to run with at the time  but then in a snit, at having lost the unlosable fed it in turn to Obamabots at CIA and Justice. Who would be required to brief the president elect on it.  What they weren't required to do was leak it to the press but they somehow managed to do that anyway.

It started life as utter bullshit, remained utter bullshit and is now the Golden Bullshit.

But unlike CNN, the Dark Herald will let you my reader judge for yourself.  Here is a link to a PDF of the document in question, which was hosted by Buzzfeed.

I was expecting some sort of rumored business malfeasance.  But oh no!  It was nothing of the kind.

 I was laughing my ass off at the low rent sexual fantasies that "Trump had been tricked into" by the FSB before the end of the first page.

Not to state the insanely obvious but if there was the slightest scintilla of truth to this fever-dream it would have had to have been leaked by FSB agents.  Like the KGB before it...The FSB. Does. Not. Leak.  The entire thing appears to have been made up by a drunken Russian reporter passing along the latest conspiracy theory floating around the offices of Pravada.

I was in tears when I to the part about how Trump had ordered two hookers to give each other Golden Showers on the bed the Obamas had slept on in Moscow.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Not even a drunk Russian journalist.  This one was started by 4chan.  Which I should recognized at once. (*I am Cataline's embarrassed face*)

SECOND UPDATE:  It's time for John McCain to retire.  He admits that he was the one who gave the brief to the FBI.  The man is senile, his judgement is shot to hell.  Whatever good he once did in the world is beginning to be outweighed by the harm.

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