Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MeAgain Kelly's Last Show on Fox Will be Friday

And I have no intention of watching it. 

"But I'm sure Cable's Queen of Drama will review some of her dramatic career for us. She might even have a series of Male Defenders on to explain how right she is about everything."  -- Ace of Spades

Now there is an interesting question. How long will the Fox White Knights keep defending their faire damsel once she starts towing the NBC News party line. Which of course she will.

I think this lateral move for her is going to be liberating for both her and Fox. Fox will be free of some blonde baggage and MeAgain will be liberated from her high ratings. The only reason she had the numbers she did was that she was a Fox's resident hottie. That automatically came with right wing males that still watches TV news, (IE. Grandpa). 

I predict that a first week of high ratings where people are more or less kicking the tires on her new shows, her numbers will crater.

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