Sunday, January 1, 2017

Larry Corriea Plays Slap the Serious AUTHOR

The Brilliant and Handsome Transdimensional Lord of Hate, has decided to take to task one of the silliest, self-important twaddle vomiters that the HuffPo has seen fit to give a byline to in some time and that's saying something.

It should be noted that Larry is seriously punching beneath his weight here.  This one is a very dim bulb.

Your favorite authors might have spent years writing works that were rejected. But if a writer is serious about her craft, she’ll keep working at it, year after year.
At the end of her self-imposed apprenticeship, she’ll be relieved that her first works were rejected because only now can she see how bad they were.
Laurie made sense for a whole half a paragraph and then had to go and screw it up. Yes. Writers get better the more they write. So of course all of us look back at our first book and kick ourselves for things that we could have done differently now that we know better. But that doesn’t matter if that first book was SELLABLE. 
Every career has to start somewhere. And the sooner you are selling enough to quit your day job so you can focus all your energies on writing, the better.
So write your book. Try to sell it the traditional way. Once all those gatekeepers reject you (seriously, it is something like a 99.9% failure rate) then take a good hard look at your product and decide if you want to publish it yourself. And self-pub zealots aside, it isn’t a free lunch. It is hard to make a go of it. I’ll talk more about that below.
Did you ever hear what Margaret Atwood said at a party to a brain surgeon? When the brain surgeon found out what she did for a living, he said, “Oh, you’re a writer! When I retire I’m going to write a book.” Margaret Atwood said, “Great! When I retire I’m going to be a brain surgeon!”
I’ve used this too, but I think Laurie is missing the point.
The irony is that now that brain surgeon really could dash off a “book” in a of couple months, click “publish” on amazon, and he’s off signing books at the bookstore. Just like Margaret Atwood, he’s a “published” author. Who cares if his book is something that his grade nine teacher might have wanted to crumple into the trash? It’s a “published” book.
And here we see the real problem with Laurie’s whole world view. Yes, the doctor wrote a book and now he is “published” and apparently that wounds her. Because being able to put Author on your business card is sacred or some shit.
In real life, the doctor cranked out a book and self-published, but so what? If the book was crap and people didn’t like it, then he didn’t sell many, didn’t make any money, and the book faded into obscurity and was forgotten. (probably languishing in the Amazon rankings around the 2 million mark with such traditionally published hits as Kiss the Sunset Pig by Laurie Gough)
But if the book was entertaining and connected with some market, then the brain surgeon sold a bunch of copies, and now congratulations, Doc! You are in the Real Author business.
Either way, it is no skin off Margaret Atwood’s nose.  

This is good stuff all the way around. And has me revisiting a few ideas I had about not self-publishing.

If there is one thing I've learned in writing this past years it's this. You as the author are in no position to judge your own work. That is the truth of it.  What you think is your best stuff will often make not the slightest of ripples.  Where as something you dashed off in five minutes, makes a huge splash.  There is no way for you the author to tell what is going to make a resonate, if that's how it worked everyone would be a New York Times Bestselling Author.  The only thing you can do is jump in the deep end and hope you can swim.

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