Thursday, January 26, 2017

If You Must Listen to Ashley Judd's Insane Ramblings

At 48 Ashley is a comfortably post-wall actress who is now being funneled into supporting roles by a Hollywood that ultimately wants to make money and knows Ashley can't deliver it. 

Consequently she needs whatever attention she can get.

If you must listen to her idiot speech, this is the only way to do it. 

Apparently Ashley's speech was written by a nineteen year old Millennial who works at Dunkin Donuts, which is pretty fucking obvious when you look at it.


Jew613 said...

Ashley Judd was never a great talent or money maker. The Hollywood elites wanted her to be, as she's a leftist true believer, but it never worked out. Her acting was always flat, I think because she was always trying to suppress her accent.

Now though, she sounds like she's off her meds.

#7139 said...

That is funny.