Saturday, January 21, 2017

Frum Isn't Even Pretending to be Right Wing Anymore

David Frum is pretty much the picture perfect Cuckservative in every possible way available to him.

In case you doubted me on this point

George W. Bush's former speech writer spent the last ten years reading everyone out of the conservative movement who wasn't a Neocon from his perch on the National Review.

He is  now working for that completely SJW convergent zone called the Atlantic.  And honestly he fits right in.

The message will be stated and restated this day: For the 58th time, the system has worked, and power has smoothly transferred from one heir of George Washington to another. The truth is not so happy. With full advance notice, and despite the failure to gain a plurality of the nation’s vote, the United States will soon inaugurate someone who owes his office in some large part to a hostile foreign intelligence operation. Who is, above and beyond that, a person whose character that leaves him unqualified to hold the presidency, and threatens the country with an impending sequence of financial and espionage scandals—a constitutional crisis on two legs.

The real message of today is that the system has failed. The challenge of the morrow is to know what to do to save the remainder.

He got this new gig because the Atlantic decided, for whatever SJW reason, that they wanted a prominent anti-Trump Right winger to play "cup-bearer" for them in the Nicomedian sense of the word.

The problem is that the Neo-cons were never of the Right.  They were Democrat hawks who fell so far out favor with their own party they went looking for a new home.  The Bushies were delighted to have a bunch of new Yalie friends to play with and welcomed the Neo-cons with open arms.

They immediately wormed their way into the Establishment because they were of the Deep State class themselves so it wasn't a hard fit.

Now it's all over for them and they are collecting scraps from whatever table that will tolerate their whining presence.  

Captain Cuckface should be more grateful.  He would never have landed this new job if Hillary had won. 

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