Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fake News You Can Use: Did You Know That The .22L Is A High Powered Round?

It's true!

The Washington Post said so.  And that according to the writer is enough make it an unalterable fact of Earth, Wind, Sea and Sky.

This was gun control garbage about the horrors of silencers and how efforts to pull them off the 1934 National Firearms Act will result in rivers of blood flowing through the streets of American cities, with mountains of the silently killed dead piled atop every street corner.

You know...the usual.  And then he delivered this howler.

But gun-control activists say silencers are getting quieter, particularly in combination with subsonic ammunition, which is less lethal but still damaging. They point to videos on YouTube in which silencers make high-powered rifles have “no more sound than a pellet gun,” according to one demonstrator showing off a silenced semiautomatic ­.22LR.

This got everyone's attention on Twitter, accept mine because I don't use it anymore.

When the reporter, Mike Rosenwald, was presented with his catastrophically stupid and lazy error.  He did what any upstanding SJW does and immediately doubled down on it

The .22 LR caliber is so weak that it’s considered cruel and inhumane to hunt anything but varmints with it. Just to give you some perspective, in the picture below showing dozens of different rifle cartridges side by side, the .22 LR round is the tiny one at the very far left of the top row:

International gun control advocates don’t even go so far as to claim that .22 LR is “high-powered.” GunPolicy.org, a global gun control outfit that was run by the University of Sydney, says the term “high-powered rifle” is “used to differentiate larger-calibre (centrefire), factory-made repeating long guns from single-shot shotguns, .22 calibre rimfire rifles, and home-made firearms.”

Rather than being a “high-powered” round, .22 LR is so low-powered that it’s what many parents and instructors use when teaching young children how to shoot. That doesn’t mean it’s harmless, but there is simply no planet on which .22 LR comes even close to resembling a “high-powered” rifle cartridge. It is a nonsensical claim that instantly discredits anyone who makes it. But rather than admit error and issue a correction, Mike Rosenwald doubled down. And he doubled down in the most absurd way possible: by mocking anyone who corrected him, and then by refusing to provide any source or data to back up his absurd claim:

Rosenwald is also clearly Gamma as all fucking hell. He is now simply refusing to engage on the subject and is pretending the matter is entirely settled because he of course won.

2017 as the Dark Herald predicted is turning out to be the year of the SJW Double Down.

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