Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Celebutards Repeat...Repeat...Repeat...Each Other For All Of Us

Ah the magic of Celebutard viral videos.  Is there nothing they can't accomplish?

Well they, do piss me off at actors I've liked and they ruin shows for me that have those actors in them.  They have accomplished that much.

They failed to get Hillary elected.

They failed to flip the Electoral College.

So now they are taking to Youtube yet again.  This time to try and get congress to obstruct President Elect Trump at every turn.

I'll take a quick look so you don't have to.  Cataline is good like that.

Okay so our celebrities this time are...No Idea...Sally Field...No Idea....No Idea....Rosie Perez?  Huh, I guess 2016 didn't clip her out either.  Um...No Idea....No Idea....No Idea.... Oh FUCK!!! Steve Buschemi what the ass gobbling hell are you doing here?  Damn it!

Okay, so now they are appear to be in reruns.  They have circled back to the first No Idea.  This one does not appear to have Martin Sheen speaking in his ex-president voice.  I wonder if his meds got adjusted.

I already know how this is going to work.  They are going to throw in two or three Common Folks in between the "celebrities" (*Cataline literally made air quotes with his fingers before he typed that*).  The problem this case is that the "celebrities" (*Yes, Cataline did it again*)  are such UFOs it's impossible to tell who the nobody is supposed to be.

Apparently Women and People of Color have been viciously attacked in the name of Trump since his election.  This is the first I've heard of it unless they are counting the frauds committed by SJWs.  Which they might be, this crew is more into emotions than facts..  It's either that of they have just gone flat fucking delusional. Which I grant is also a possibility.

They are now whinging on about being The Majority.  Since the lead in popular vote was three million and that pretty much perfectly matches the number of illegals who voted (ie about three million).  One wonders will they still be "the Majority" once the deportations get underway?

The peroration has now been reached.  The "celebrities" are vowing to stand with congressmen who obstruct  Trump.  Which I am pretty sure the Democrats were planning to try and do anyway.

Having watched three of these dumbass things and having seen the effect they have on the political zeitgeist (which is non-existent).  I think it's time the all important question: Do they have any idea how funny we find this?

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