Saturday, January 7, 2017

Game of Thrones: Cataline Called It and Completely Forget About It

I jotted this down about a year ago and forgot to post it.

I laughed when I read the last sentence. 


""Arya and her half brother Jon fall in love, and "their passion will continue to torment Jon and Arya throughout the trilogy," which is a serious deviation in that the thought of people actually hesitating to commit incest in Westeros is shocking." 

Most of that is from Martin's original CV, when he was trying to get an advance for Game of Thrones back in the early 1990s

It is very revealing in terms of the Gamma Mindset.

Martin cannot...Absolutely. Can. Not. Write a love story where love is not painful and unrequited.

Which is major problem for GoT at this point.  The last book was a constant stream of fanfic to avoid having to write a love story that didn't actually suck.  He can't write a happy love story. HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE.

A Writer Must Write of That of Which He Knows

And boy Martin does!!!

Take a look at his show Beauty and the Beast.  Aside from being flooded with Gamma imagery through out. The entire show was about a nothing more than hopeless longing for a pretty girl by an ugly guy.  Martin has had two wives but it's obvious he has never gotten the girl he really wanted. The one he just married looks just like him.

Hence the non-stop of torment of Sansa who is paying for the crime a 1964 cheerleader named Sandy committed by ignoring him in high school.

I suspect Martin can only write a love story if the POV character is a deformed dwarf.

Oh shit I just figured out what the big romance next season will be.

Look for Tyrion's constant gamma-mooning to win the heart of Khalesse-Sue.


Nailed it!

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