Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why the Sudden Focus On Fake News?

Well it's simple enough. The Left believes very strongly in the propagantastic power of propaganda. As you know, SJWs always lie, double down and project. Consequently they have, (given that Mobius Loop that they use for logical thought, and an electoral result that hit them like Lucille did Glenn), come to the conclusion that our liars must be better than theirs.

I think this is both untrue because guys like project Veritas are simply reporting the truth. And deeply unfair because their liars are doing the best they can with bad material.

It's at this point that well meaning fools try to explain things like the truth to the Left. It's pointless and doomed to fail because so far as the Left is concerned, anything they don't want to hear is always a lie.

Gavin McInnes at Takimag has more.

If you’re looking for fake news, you might want to check in on the people trying to shut it down. This is always the case with the left. They say we need to cut out fascists and censorship and bigotry and they get people fired, shut down talks, and embrace Islamists in the process. Any parameters you set to ban fake news would mean the MSM would be the first to go. CBS insisted that George W. Bush was nothing more than a pampered rich kid during his time in the National Guard and that he didn’t fulfill his obligations. This was based on forged documents Dan Rather provided. MSNBC told us Obama’s victory sends a thrill up their leg like it was some kind of objective analysis. During Obama’s Reverend Wright controversy, CNN declared themselves a “Reverend-Wright-free zone,” and when he won, reporters discussed how they successfully “won over” voters. Most recently they used their own cameraman as an example of an outraged Hillary supporter. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show proudly calls itself “fake news.” When Sean Hannity insisted spring break had changed and was now basically girls on Oxy getting gangbanged by a lineup of drunk males, Jon Stewart scoffed and called Sean “America’s oldest hall monitor.” As the fake news made these jokes, teenagers were being raped and murdered. Is that scary enough, Ezra? Panama City Beach changed its laws after the reports because they were real, and rape and murder aren’t funny. It was the MSM who told us Mike Brown was unarmed and “fleeing with hands up,” as Sally Kohn put it. How many deaths did that lie lead to? During the Ferguson riots, Zemir Begic was murdered for being white. He was killed by fake news and I’m guessing Ezra Klein wasn’t even aware of that story.

Meanwhile, “fake news” sites such as Project Veritas continued to bust open story after story during the election. James O’Keefe exposed one major controversy per day in the two weeks before the election, including the DNC promoting violence and bussing in fake voters. InfoWars helped showcase WikiLeaks, which became a seemingly infinite number of emails exposing everything from collusion with the mainstream media to the Democratic primary being rigged. This has always been the case with citizen journalists. Matt Drudge is the one who told us about Monica Lewinsky. Nobody else had the balls. It was a plucky Anthony Cumia who exposed Anthony Weiner’s exhibitionism. We need people like this when the dinosaurs get too stuck in their ways. Watching 60 Minutes these days is like hanging out in a nursing home. It’s geriatric producers pushing tropes from half a century ago. They are so naive they sent a blond woman into a mob of angry Arabs,twice! If we relied on them, we’d all be dead. It was self-employed journalist Tommy Robinson who exposed the Muslim rape gangs in Rotterdam. Ann Coulter works for no one and she’s responsible for telling America about its op
en-border problem. Adios, America is the reason Trump made immigration the thrust of his campaign and it’s a big part of why he won. Few had any idea how many disgruntled Bernie supporters were infiltrating Hillary rallies until Mike Cernovich went there and Periscoped it himself.
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L. Beau said...

Who are Lucille and Glenn?

Cataline Sergius said...

This is a rather late reply because I missed your comment.

It's a Walking Dead reference. Glen is a fan favorite on the Walking Dead and Lucille is a barbwire wrapped baseball bat.