Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Electors Are Embarrassing Themselves

Now it's not entirely a surprise to me that Democrat Electors are making asses of themselves in public where people can see them and everything.

The office of Elector is something of an attaboy that get's tossed to loyal party workhorses.  It let's them feel they are doing something important even if they aren't.

The  Electors tend to be on the young side which means that a big chunk of Democrat electors this time around are a pack of SJW Millennials.  Hence my lack of surprise about them behaving like shitheads in public.  What little trust the duty they have been handed entails, is that they carry out their work in an orderly, prompt and competent manner.  Of course they fucked it up.   Now mind you a lot them are old hippies as well.  The two idiots in Colorado who just had their efforts shot down are old as the hills Boomers.

In case you are worried, don't be.  This is nothing more than public drama and hysterics that the Progressives now see as integral to pushing through their agenda.

I do try to take them seriously.  What they would do to us if given half a chance would be the killing fields of Pol Pot squared and cubed but the ridiculousness of their antics makes that difficult indeed.

I could understand a certain amount shock and anger on their part.  After all, Hillary wasn't just supposed to win this one she was supposed to walk away with it. That didn't happen, obviously and Left lost it.

They are now screaming in public about three things to "Disqualify" the Trump Presidency.  And this entire Faithless Elector performance art is very much about the SJW need to "Disqualify."  "Disqualify," is now a big facet of their cult.

"Disqualify." is a monument to their intellectual laziness.  After you have disqualified someone you are free to avoid any and all engagement and can merely shun them.

It has two purposes.  One, avoid individual confrontation.  You have to remember Feminists are either women or men who behave like women. They always form their opinions by non-confrontational group consensus.  Direct confrontation with an individual is something they tend to avoid if at all possible.   Blindly attacking an individual  as a faceless member of a mob is something different entirely of course.

Two, they simply can't debate anyone on the Right anymore.  They are too poorly and weakly trained intellectually.  What colleges now call, "critical reasoning." is really just the rote memorization of political cant.

"Disqualify," is so reflexive to them at this point that they can no longer accept an electoral defeat.  They have to "Disqualify," that defeat.

They have chosen a three pronged attack to accomplish this.

1: The Popular Vote.  Hillary had the bigger popular vote, that means she should be president.  Aint this a democracy.    Without the Electoral college the Right wing would not have had one it's own (nominally) in the White House since 1988.  Elections would be decided by major cities and the Peoples Republic of California.  Except of course we wouldn't have them anymore,  America would have collapsed into civil war already.  And no, of course we don't live in a democracy,  The Law of the Land is written from the bench by five justices completely separated from the electoral process.

Also 3,000,000 illegals voted so I think I know where the rest of this disconnect came from.

2.  Russian Hackers.  The bullshit wording of the CIA's secret leaked non-report says, that the "hackers are known to have connections to Russian intelligence agencies".  What the report doesn't say is what those "connections" are.  Are they contractors?  Are they stringers? Are they Friendlies that debrief with FSB about contact with Chechin Islamists? The thing to remember about CIA is that it is Lefty as fuck.  It is the home of Yalies who couldn't get into law school.

3  FBI.  Rogue elements within the FBI were determined to bring down Hillary by trying to investigate her for laws that she broke.  There actually is something to this one.  Elections are often about momentum and the second email scandal stopped hers like a cinder-block wall.  Here's an idea Democrats, don't nominate a fucking criminal!

The silly ass electoral thing will play itself out on Monday when the college votes.  And this ludicrous play will come to an end.

However it will have served its purpose so far as the SJWs are concerned.  The can tell each other with perfect sincerity that Trump isn't really the president.  Although in so doing they are potentially setting the stage for the next civil war.

Elections are supposed to be a process to transition power peacefully.  Reject the process and you ultimately reject the peaceful part.

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