Monday, December 19, 2016

Rogue One: The Horse IS Dead But Others Are Beating It For Me

Surprisingly the Son's of Plinkett hated it a lot more than I did which is rather surprising.

They did point out something that I had overlooked.

The stuff from the trailer that I had based half of my Knights of Ren Theory on...wasn't actually in the real movie.

I was tricked!  Tricked!  I tell ya!


bob kek mando ( NABTY ) said...

oh God.

at the end of the Half in the Bag review, they compared the viewing experience to being in a porno theater being surrounded by mid-30s guys beating off.

then, youtube served up this gem to me:


take your kids to see R1, then you can explain why millions of voices suddenly cried out in excitement ... and the floor got all sticky.

L. Beau said...
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L. Beau said...

From now on, the name "Red Letter Media" no longer has any meaning for me. They are "the Sons of Plinkett."

Sillon Bono said...

I stick to my previous statements, I will not pay to watch this, will not give a penny more to Gaysney.

And I agree with "The sons of Plinkett", specially fatty Plinket, the Star Wars universe is a very constrained place.

Undocumented Pharmacist said...

One of these guys liked Daisy's performance in Awakens, but criticized the portrayal of Jin Urso? Rey is right there with Anakin as one of the worst realized characters in cinema history. Force Awakens was garbage from start to finish. Rogue at least has a decent ( but not great) third act which almost made up for the snooze fest first 90 minutes.

Its fine to scoff at all the callbacks/fan service in Rogue, but 7 could have been movie accurately titled :The Rehash.

Anonymous said...

"One of these guys liked Daisy's performance in Awakens, but criticized the portrayal of Jin Urso?"

Note how they want to say something good about Rey but can't; they try to say that her backstory is better but can't. They totally fumble with their words when they try to actually come up with any real reason why Rey wasn't complete garbage.

Honestly I think TFA is absolute trash. The characters are garbage and it ruined the whole world of Star Wars, turning all its heroes into miserable, pathetic failures.

Star Wars isn't constrained, but it is if you insist on making nothing but big tentpole movies. The whole blockbuster movie thing is what's constraining. The books continued on from the end of Jedi in a reasonable and relatively compelling way, at least a lot of them did. Luke started a Jedi academy on Yavin and trained a bunch of new Jedi, while the New Republic had skirmishes with the remnants of the Empire. All very logical.

The problem is to really continue the story you'd have to tell smaller stories that built to something big later. Since the good guys won, you can't have a galactic-level battle in every film, you'd have to establish a new enemy over time while telling smaller stories about, say, new Jedi recruits, or smaller-scale battles with the leftover Imperials. But Hollywood thinks you always have to up the ante, so we have to outdo the Death Star and make 3 out of 4 consecutive movies about blowing up a Death Star. It only seems limited because the suits that make all the decisions are limited in their thinking.

bob kek mando ( NABTY ) said...

eidolon1109 said...
Star Wars isn't constrained, but it is if you insist on making nothing but big tentpole movies.

not really.

it's not as if the desire for tentpole movies isn't an added constraint, it is.

but the real problem is the lack of story tellers in Hollywood.

because, in order to tell a good story, you ( as a creator ) MUST be able to respect all sides and characters within the story.

if neither the pro- nor antagonists are constrained by physical reality, codes of ethics ( it wuz good cuz the guy in the White Hat done dood it! ) or concern with anyone else ( Black Hat wants to destroy the Earth! why? doesn't that mean suicide for him? who knows? who cares! he's Black Hat, booooo ), there can be no good story telling.

and that's really what's lacking here, an ability to tell stories.

it's closely related to the Left's inability to deal with the election results. it's Narcissism writ large.