Thursday, December 15, 2016

Old Hollywood Communists Too Senile to Understand the Election is Over

The Steve Allen Theorem goes Comedy = Tragedy + Time.

This is certainly tragic most of these guys are some old ass motherfuckers.  Yes, they have sadly produced comedy.

These...celebrities(? I guess) are begging the College of Electors to overthrow the election.  In style, substance and no doubt effect, this video resembles Joss Whedon's video from before the election that left me disgusted with Robert Downey Jr.  Hopefully this will not repeated.  I don't see how it could.

Video begins with Martin Sheen pretending he's an ex-president.  Possibly he believes he is one at this point.  He's getting on in years and used to be quite he booze hound and it may have taken's it's toll.  

The chick that played Grace from Will and Grace comes next.  She repeats what President Martin has said in her sincere voice.

She is followed by an older Jewish guy who I don't recognize and is replaced on screen by some smug looking Asian who I also don't recognize.

Next comes...OH FUCK YOU NOAH WYLE!   Damn it!  I liked the Librarians.  Now that one is soiled too.  Thanks Noah, I really appreciate this.

Anyway these idiots are now telling members of the electoral college what the electoral college is.  I think they might have a clue about that one guys.

Black actress that I almost but don't quite recognize but I'm sure I've seen her something.

Oh the lawyer from Breaking Bad is next.  What's he doing here? He's got a career.

Blonde actress whose voice I recognize but whose face is the product of a shitload of plastic surgery so again, I have no clue.

Young Gay Actor...I think.

Another guys who...oh, it's Moby!

Okay ten performers so far and I only recognize five of them.  Pressing onward only out of love for you my dear reader.

BJ from MASH, who is a seriously old Communist at this point.

We are now starting reruns.  President Martin is back, followed by Grace and...oh...good...lord.  I did NOT want to remember Hot Lips Houlihan like this.  Emphasis on the lips she has had a ton collagen injected into them.

A bunch of actors that I don't recognize come next.  They are telling the electors to throw the the Republican controlled House of Representatives.  Indicating the level of deep thought that went into this.

In exchange for betraying their responsibilities and duties, they promise to respect any Republican Elector who does what they tell him to do...a little.

UPDATE: Old Jewish Guy has been identified as James Cromwell


bob kek mando: i can't be racist. why, some of my best friends are ((( Literally Hitler ))). { Vox Gayness intensifies } said...

they keep saying that the purpose of the electoral college is to prevent an unfit candidate from becoming president.

Hillary is the single most manifestly awful candidate for president in, perhaps, the entire history of the nation.

i mean, with Obama there was hardly anything we KNEW.

from Benghazi to selling uranium to Putin to selling rocketry tech to the Chinese to amassing hundreds of millions of dollars selling access as SecState, there is no way any responsible person can permit Hillary Clinton anywhere near the Oval Office.

it's Hillary's very awfulness which made Donald ... a viable alternative.

and that's simply deplorable.

SteelPalm said...

Good post, but I was a little confused when you referred to "an older Jewish guy".

Turns out you meant James Cromwell, a white guy of English, Scottish, German, and Irish ancestry.

Bibliotheca Servare said...

Damn it, I freaking loved "Still Mine"! I was enjoying The Librarians, too, and the original films were just so awesome (and incredibly corny/campy/ridiculous) when I was a kid! As you said, fuck you Noah Wyle, and fuck you James Cromwell! "That'll do, pig" indeed!

VoodooJock said...

That plastic surgery geriatric blonde chick is either Loretta Switt from MASH or Janice from The Muppet Show.