Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to All

Hug your loved ones.  Remember the good times.  If you think you might know someone who is alone today go out of your way to find them and say, "hi," you'll be giving yourself quite a gift.

If you are on deployment and away from family, keep in mind you've got your brothers all around you and trust me these will be the Christmas memories that you will hold most dear.

Take a moment...if only a moment to remember the One who sent us the Greatest Gift of All.

(*Okay, yeah sure smart-one. I am aware that Jesus was probably born in the spring and that the Saturnalia and other winter solstice festivals were being celebrated long before we gave the pine wreaths and a fat man in a red suit new and less blood-soaked meanings.  Guess what? We already knew all of that.  This is the day that we celebrate Christ's birth and give thanks for it, we never said it was his actual birthday. this concludes my Christmas rant*)

Now, stop reading stupid blogs and unplug yourself from the internet for a day.

Joy to the World, the Lord has Come.

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Tizona del Cid said...

Merry Christmas, Cataline et all!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication all year 'round. Know it is much appreciated.

Now go take your own advice and enjoy a much deserved day of R&R and Yuletide merriment!