Monday, December 19, 2016

Ha! Ha! Ha! (*gasp...wheez...gasp*) Ha! Ha! Ha!

It hurts! It hurts!

(*Cataline grasps his aching ribs*)

The "Hamilton Elector" ploy not only failed, it backfired!

"More electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton Monday than from Trump, by a count of seven to two, as of Monday afternoon."

Of those faithless electors:

Three Clinton defectors were ruled out of order and either forced to change or replaced with Clinton loyalists.

Four electors from Washington State were allowed to break ranks from Clinton. Three voted for Colin Powell, who is technically a Republican. The fourth voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, one of the Keystone protestors.

Two electors from Texas were allowed to break ranks from Trump and voted for John Kasich and Ron Paul. A third elector resigned and was replaced by an alternate, who voted dutifully for Trump.

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