Friday, December 23, 2016

Carrie Fisher In Critical Condition Following Heart Attack

Sad news this close to Christmas.

Carrie Fisher suffered a massive heart attack on board an 11-hour transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles, and reportedly was not breathing for 10 minutes, it has been claimed.

The Star Wars legend was on a United Airlines Flight 935 seated in first class when it's said she went into cardiac arrest.

A paramedic on board the flight rushed to help the starlet after flight attendants asked if anyone had medical experience, TMZ reported.

The website claims the 60-year-old actress's health episode occurred around 15 minutes before landing.

A statement released by United Airlines said that medical personnel met the aircraft on arrival after the crew reported that a passenger was unresponsive.

'Our thoughts are with our customer at this time,' the statement read.

Hoping for the best but it doesn't sound good.

While she has reportedly been clean for years, Fisher has had an extensive history of cocaine abuse.  The wear and tear on cardiovascular system doesn't go away once you give up the junk.  

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bob kek mando ( NABTY ) said...

here's how i found out about it:

they've changed the article heading but you can still see the original title as the page header at the very top:
"Carrie Fisher, Jewish 'Star Wars' actress, suffers massive heart attack"

Forward is a Jewish online magazine.

so i guess if it's okay for them to point out the Jew ... it's okay for us to point out the Jew?