Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Tale of Two Apples

This is an Apple commercial from 1984 doing battle with...well...1984...

Okay actually they were fighting IBM, which was a thing back then.

This was pretty in your face, thirty years ago.  Also, everyone in the target audience had had to read 1984 in high school so everyone knew what the commercial was about.  This one minute spot became an advertising legend in terms of, "this is what this company wants to say it is all about."

Now then, what is Apple saying about itself with this commercial?  


Okay I confess it's a little hard to tell what the fuck Apple is hoping to do with this new iconic commercial except virtual signal.  In taking on IBM there was some idea about shaving off some of Big Blue's revenue.  But what is the point of this in terms of revenue?

What the hell market are they going for here?

There is no getting around this.  Apple went with Frankenstein because there was no way in fucking hell they could get away with a Muslim singing Christmas songs.

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