Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016: The Year of the SJW Double Down

If 2015 was the year of SJWs always lie.  2016 became the one where they did nothing but double down on the lies.

It was a curious phenomena, yet there was consistency to their actions in this regard if no other.  And in truth it's been a vast source of amusement for me. It's like watching a guy bash his head into a brick wall for a little while before commenting,  "You are going to break your skull if you keep doing that."

Blood streaming down his face, "No, I'm not!"  And slams his head even harder.

Example; The Sad Puppies campaign was the result of Racists trying to force white males into the Hugo Awards.  A two second glance at the nominee's list would show that this is absolutely untrue.  The Sad's repeatedly tried to tell everyone who would pretend to listen to them, what the facts on the ground were.  That they had presented a slate that was in truth more racially diverse than any slate of Hugo nominees had been for years.  The result: whenever someone on the outside asked what the fuss was all about the reply steadfastly remained, "The Sad Puppies campaign was the result of Racists trying to force white males into the Hugo Awards."*

Example:  The Alt Right are Nazis.  Before you claim that there is a fragment of truth to this because there is within the Alt Right a subset omegas who are given to waving around swastikas and siegrune in order to accomplish who knows fucking what.  It needs to be pointed out that the SJWs would be saying this anyway.  There is nothing in the Alt Right manifesto about the need to redress the injustice of the Treaty of Saint Germain, nor how Germany has a right to Living Room.  Or even the need for every family to own a Volkswagon Beetle.  Even the guys calling themselves Nazis don't care about that.  None the less, the Alt Right are Nazis.

Example: Donald Trump is Literally A Nazi.  Point out that Donald Trump has three Jewish grandchildren and it doesn't even come close to making a dent.

Example:  Donald Trump is a failed billionaire.  Honestly guys, he can really only be one or the other.  Does he still own a Manhattan tower with his name on it?

Example: This election is over, Donald Trump can't win.  Demonstrably untrue and yet they are going to great lengths to prove that he somehow didn't win despite the fact that he obviously did.  This one was easily the most interesting because for once they simply couldn't contradict an obvious fact. The cognitive dissonance was in a word impressive.

I wish I could say that these were isolated examples but they weren't. Everywhere I looked this year they doubled down on their lies whenever and where ever they were smacked in the face with the truth.  This is the end product of a world view that values good feelz over facts.  Trained to communicate strictly in emotions, conflicting facts became something SJWs mentally trained themselves to wall off as near as I can tell by third grade.  When I was a kid, third grade was about the age that teachers started to come down on you if you replied to a given fact with a, "Nu-uh!"  Now, the "Nu-uh" appears to be viewed as a healthy form of self-expression in support of "The Narrative."

The Narrative is a palace of lies they have built for themselves made of soggy paper mache.  As such it is in constant need of maintenance.  Yet they have built their lives around this weakest of structures.

How did we get here?  Is the big question.

The answer is simple enough: Toxic Feminism.  Women have done this kind of thing before.  Building up a fictional world and then demand that the real world conform to this viewpoint.  In times past, men would indulge this childishness for a while before forcefully stepping on it and leaving their women in tears.  It was a tougher world and tears were the price of doing business if you were going to survive at all.  If "The Narrative" got in the way of survival, then it got stepped on.   But soft times came along.  The softest times human history has ever known.  And with those soft times came Toxic Feminism.  Men got used to avoiding making women cry if it could be helped.  Consequently fantasy building got indulged.

And after a while the fantasy world of "The Narrative" was no longer being indulged, it was being subscribed to.  The problems is that a lie, even a gigantic world encompassing lie like "The Narrative" is still a malinvestment and malinvestments always inevitably liquidate.

The tears will come in earnest then whether anyone wants them to or not.

*The Rabid Puppies for their part knew better than to try and reason with them.  We were pretty much in it solely for the entertainment value.

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