Friday, November 11, 2016

Your Torments Call Us Like Dogs in the Night

Mister Dark: Yes. We are the hungry ones. Your torments call us like dogs in the night. And we do feed, and feed well.

Charles Halloway: To stuff yourselves on other people's nightmares.

Mr. Dark: And butter our plain bread with delicious pain. So, you do understand a little.

Nothing takes the fun out of winning like a good winner.  Someone who smiles broadly and shakes your hand and clearly thinks nothing of his loss.

Now a sore loser on the other hand is one of the most entertaining creatures that there is.  Play Overwatch if you don't believe me.

Honestly it's not like I've been trying to enjoy their agony over the last two days but I can't help but find their hysterics entertaining.  

"Not my president?" Who would have guessed?
Which flag is missing?

This one was from San Francisco
Looks like "hey-hey...ho-ho...Trump...(*who the fuck cares about the rest*)

Thank you for keeping your face covered, baby.
It's appreciated.

A little late for that honey

Oh there's the missing flag!!

More signs about pussies
Honestly I never heard the word this much when I wan in the barracks

Celebutads have been tarding to beat all hell as well.  Or at least I'm assured by Buzzfeed that they are celebrities.  Honestly, I have only heard of three of them.  And of those three only Lady Ga-Ga has any talent.

And then there is all the crying that was going on election night.

Yes, I was feeling insanely good on election night
But one look at those sad forlorn face and suddenly...
...I felt even better
"Woman Comforting Her Six Year Old Daughter"

Okay the kid is six, she is just hoping she can go to bed now.

I was calm and resigned when Obama won in '08.  Bush had been such an unholy fuck up that it was obvious to everyone we were going to lose that one for two years. The 2012 election however got me seriously down.  I didn't in my heart think that America had changed enough to re-elect a man who was clearly and obviously incompetent.  

But we had...

Identity politics now trumps all other considerations.  Sure we can laugh about protests going on for two days after Trump was elected but the fact remains that they happened. 

Now that is something new and if you are a student of history, rather worrying.  The point of elections in first place is the other side accepting the result of that election no matter how badly they feel about it.

This new generation is not accepting the result.  

And these particular children are the future are they not?

This new generation is frantically looking for it's Kenyatta. It's Nassar.  Or it's Chavez.


Jew613 said...

Semi off topic, but cataline your from Michigan so why when the rest of the rust belt gets their act together and supports your glorious new emperor Minnesota can't pull it off. Michigan went to Obama by 12 points and The Donald the first of his name still wins. But not Minnesota, what happened?

Cataline Sergius said...


Actually it's very simple.

Trump tried to capture Michigan. That's all there is to it. No one has made that effort since 1992.

The national GOP advisers appear to think it wasn't worth the effort. They are as usual completely wrong. Baby Bush didn't really have a chance here because a civil war broke out in 1998 within the local GOP that split the party for ten years

But McCain had a chance here. Sarah Palin saw it at the time but they wouldn't listen to her.

Mitt Romney was simply incompetent as a right wing politician. His last name should have been enough to guarantee him the state but I never heard "George Romney" mentioned once. He did what little campaigning he did in the heart of Blue State Michigan. Like any Cuckservative he wanted their approval more than ours.

If he had stayed here and kept the home fires burning instead of taking off for Boston, he would be awaiting the start of his second term today.