Thursday, November 24, 2016

Turkey Day is Here...Sure It's Hard on the Grownups But the Bird has it Worse

Quiet day at Fortress Cataline

Lady Sergius is indulging her baking fetish to the full.  The kitchen is redolent with the smells of roasting cinnamon and melting butter.  The various appliances are whirring contentedly.

There is no formal sit down feast.  We gradually graze as dishes are finished and meander there way out of the kitchen through out the day.  It makes for a slow and lazy buffet.  It also keeps everyone from getting so full as to feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Consequently I'm cooking the turkey two different ways.

And I have a turkey breast hot smoking on the grill.  Thats for Brunch

The leg quarters I will braise in turkey stock with aromatics, then use the stock to make gravy. Thats for Lupper.

Happy Thanksgiving beloved reader.

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