Friday, November 25, 2016

The Left Is Now Totes Down with Stopping Vote Fraud

Apparently voter fraud doesn't exist unless they have lost an election but boy howdy it sure exists then.

Apparently despite the fact that the last sighting of  Republicans who could reliably steal elections date back to  Nucky Johnson's day, we are now being credited with pulling off the greatest theft in electoral history.

#AuditTheVote is somewhat worrying in one respect.  Denial was first, We'll take the Twitter rants of the drastically over rated Joss Whedon as a representative example.  And yes he's back on Twitter after having been tottally not driven off it by SJWs like his loathsome little self.

This is simple: Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office. It's not about 2018. It's about RIGHT NOW

Well obviously he can of course. Even Barrack Obama seems to think so but as I said...Denial.

Then came Anger. Lots and lots and lots of jowl trembling Anger:

RULE: we need to establish a clear chain of command from trump's cabinet down to the republican house by human centipedeing all of them


I think that one is anger although it could be outright insanity. That's a possibility.

Voter suppression
Russian hacking
FBI collusion
He has the office
Keep investigating
Keep protesting#NEVERtrump

Now this last one is interesting. Anger of course remains in the forefront but acceptance seems to have nosed it's way into the picture. But at the very end we find ourselves back at Denial.

This was followed up by his whole hearted adoption of #AuditTheVote.

Demand an audit. Make the call.

This tweet was emblazoned over the gorgonesque visage of Hillary with the words SHE WON plastered over it.  In case you are wondering, this audit thing they are demanding isn't even supposed to be an acutal recount.  They don't that at all.  What they want and try not to laugh here this is serious, is "statically sampling of votes in the swing states."  They of course will be providing the statisticians as well as the the samplers.

My assumption is that this is a silly and stupid disqualification and delegitimization drive on their part.  It will have absolutely no basis in law and won't stop Trump from taking office (although I'm sure that the dimmer and less lucid ones have convinced themselves that it somehow will).  

The important thing for the SJWs is that they be given a figleaf for the belief that Trump is an illegitimate president.  I'm not sure what the purpose of that is.  I remember they did the same thing with Baby Bush for years, claiming that Florida was "stolen" in the 2000 election.  My instinct is to say that it's just something to rally the stupid Democrats but I'm not certain but that seems too rational.  It's all about feelz for them.

Regardless, the Left as repped by Joss Whedon is not waking up from it's fever dream.  They are determined to keep fighting even if what they are fighting is non-existent.  Which brings me to my last Whedon tweet.

The crafty move was forcing the Dems to debunk voter fraud, so when the Trump/Putin cabal ACTUALLY COMMITTED it, we'd sound hypocritical

At first thought this last one was a joke and I chuckled a little.  Then I decided it wasn't and that made me laugh a hell of a lot more.


Jew613 said...

The entire plan to swing the election to hillary is preposterous. They'd have to reverse Trump's victory in all 3 states. It's just not going to happen particularly in Pennsylvania where the Democrats engage in pretty open and massive fraud out of Philadelphia. That is not a can of worms they want to open. Which I'm sure is why neither Obama nor Hillary are pushing this nonsense. As vile as they are both of them have some grasp on reality. The problem is Hillary and the Democrats have encouraged their followers to believe they'd always get their way and to behave like spoiled children throwing a tantrum when they don't. It also didn't help that the American MSM even Fox was pushing a Hillary is the sure winner message so the Lefties are genuinely shocked at the ascension of his Majesty, Donald of House Trump, Father of Walls, Keeper of Borders, Deporter of illegals, Overlord of the Kingdoms of North America and Europe.

Cataline Sergius said...

The Hivemind is strongly resistant to the seductive siren's call of sanity.