Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Gaming Post: Sombra

Yes, I am a little burned out on politics and the concomitant schadenfreude when you unexpectedly find yourself on the winning side of a vital national election.

So a quick post about the new Overwatch character; Sombra.

When Blizzard noticed that (a) Valve had a seriously good thing going with Team Fortress 2 and (b prime) one of their own projects had just augured in bigtime.  It  was time to shall we say completely ransack another franchise.

So far Overwatch has been a huge success for them.  A resounding triumph in fact.  The sales are through the roof.  The international market couldn't be more solid.  Players are actually buying Skins, Sprays, Emotes and Intros.

Yet there was something that was clearly leaving a bitter taste in Blizzard's mouth.  A sense of a job only half done.  A feeling of incompletion.

Yes Overwatch was a brilliant ripoff of Team Fortress 2 but was it a complete ripoff?

Sadly the answer to that was, no.

Clearly it gnawed at them.  While every other charter from TF2 had been copied, redefined, expanded and multiplied.  There was one that was completely unrepresented in the Oververse.

The Spy.

Every other character has been...lets be kind and say tribute-banded.  But what the hell do you do about the Spy.

The problem is that the Spy is pretty much impossible to import into Overwatch.  An enemy  character that can successfully disguise itself as a fellow team mate would destroy anything that resembled game balance in Overwatch.  There are lots of reason for that but the bottom line is take my word for it, it can't be done.

There cannot be a Spy in Overwatch.

Yet how can Overwatch be a successful ripoff without one.

Enter, Sombra.

Or rather fail to enter Sombra because her launch took months.  It took so long that blizzard literally introduced another character in the meantime.  Her build up was ridiculous considering the power of the character created.  She can have a small impact on quick play games but Widowmaker is going to be picked more often for competitive play and that is fucking saying something.

In the story (if it can be called a story) Sombra is not a Spy but rather an Opportunist.   She can turn herself invisible but can't attack while cloaked.  She can teleport for a very limited amount of time to a specific beacon.  But her prime power is Hack.

Honeslty, Hack is almost useless.

I've played her on the PTR patch for a while now and I have to say...I am unimpressed with the character.

She is listed as an Offense character but her DPS is much lower than Tracer's.  Yet she has just enough punch that you can't call her support which is what

Sure you can hack other players but with the sole exception of Rhinehart you are way better off just shooting them.  The Heathpack Hack is useful...on two maps...for two very specific healthpacks...but if your team has a second Healer, it's all pointless.

The only map where she has been a game changer so far is the so-difficult-to-assault-it's-legendary Temple of Anubis.  Infiltrate successfully through the gate on the Left side (if you are attacking)  and hack the Big Healthpack there-within and your team can crush Objective A. in less than a half minute...Provided that the Enemy Sombra hasn't already hacked it.  She brings nothing to the party for the rest of the map.

In Summary:  No Sombra was not worth the wait.  She was only created because Blizzard felt it needed a spy to complete it's rip-off of Team Fortress 2

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