Monday, November 21, 2016

So You Are a Liberal Who Finally Wants a Gun

It's amazing the amount of them that suddenly be totes down with the Second Amendment, yo.

At least for themselves.  I'm sure they still want us completely disarmed but Gun Control is suddenly the last thing on their minds now that Literally-Satan-Hitler is about to become president.   They also seem to have heard about our secret plan to murder them all in their beds the night of Trumps inauguration...(*Okay, which one of you talked?*) they are suddenly really interested in having guns themselves.

The problem they have is this, who the fuck do they ask about guns?

Their friends? They are just as clueless as they are.

Their family?  Double edged sword.  If they are still on speaking terms they don't know anything about guns.  But if they do know anything about guns they aren't on speaking terms.

This is a pickle.  I certainly am not willing to help them but I know somebody who is.  The Pandimensional Lord of Hate himself,  Larry Corriea.

Contrary to what Barack Obama told you, Glocks are not easier to get than books. Hell, I’ll trade an autographed copy of each of my published novels for a Glock if you’ve got any spares lying around.

If you haven’t completely alienated all of your pro-gun friends by blaming them for every mass murder that’s ever happened, now would be a great time to ask them to come shopping with you.

Find your local gun store. Go there. Ask the nice people behind the counter questions about what is the best gun for you needs. They are usually very helpful, however, don’t tell them that you are a liberal, because since you’ve previously tried to ban everything you’re now buying, they will probably laugh at you. That’s expected, because your people do kind of malign them constantly and have repeatedly tried to ruin their livelihood. Oh well, live and learn. You know better now.

Shockingly, you will quickly discover that the gun best suited for your home self-defense needs is probably one of the guns that the news would call “assault weapons”. In reality that’s a gibberish term to scare newbs, but remember, most of what you’ve been taught is complete bullshit. You want the best tool for the job. Yes. It looks scary. That’s kind of the point.

If you live in a place with concealed carry laws, you will probably want one of those deadly high capacity assault pistols too. In regular America we just call those handguns. Have the experts help pick one out that suits your lifestyle and manner of dress. Then make sure you get a good holster to carry it safely. Common newb mistake is to get a decent gun and a crap holster. Don’t do that.

Once you’ve picked your firearms, you will need to fill out a federal 4473 form, provide ID (gasp! Racist!), and the shop will call in your background check to make sure you aren’t a felon, illegal alien, or otherwise prohibited person. Since this check is computerized it only takes a few minutes.

Now that is how it works in most states. If you are lucky enough to live in a blue state liberal paradise, then you may have to deal with extra laws. Like mandatory waiting periods, special permits, or you’ve got to jump through a bunch of other onerous hoops before you are allowed to defend yourself… But hey, you voted for that. Suck it up, buttercup.

See that's good stuff and there is plenty more of it at Larry's Place. Read the whole thing there.

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Wormwood said...

I have always believed that the reason why gun control and banning abortion never went anywhere is because, the average person, chose to keep them legal just in case, even if they opposed one, the other or both. They never knew when they might need to buy a gun, even if they didn't like them, or have an abortion, even if it was abhorrent. Call it the politics of the last resort, and nobody wanted to truly close down the last resort.