Saturday, November 12, 2016

Now That You've Won...I Demand Your Surrender

Now that we've won the first thing on their to do list, (which is a good tactic I admit) is to try and break up our coalition.  It's never been a much of a problem before.  I am sure they feel it shouldn't prove difficult again.  

Here’s what I am saying: You’ve said all along that you disagree with the ‘inelegant’ things Trump says about all kinds of groups of people. You’ve agreed that his statements about women are abhorrent. You say you like him because he gets stuff done, not because of the way he speaks. And I believe to my core that you agree that all people should be treated with decency.

Interesting if only slightly inaccurate choice of words here. They are very good at this. Is "decency" the same thing as Christian Love? I rather doubt it but she can't bring herself to use that term. Although I am certain that in a pinch she could find a Churchian who would. 

Regardless she is now working her wedge into a chink.

So, now you get to prove it. It’s actually so simple: Demand that it end. Demand that he finally, vociferously reject the KKK and other white supremacist groups. Every single time he or his surrogates says something over-generalized about any group of people — “all Black people live in inner cities and their lives are hell”; “all/most/many refugees/immigrants/Muslims/whatever are dangerous”; “that woman is only a 7” — hold him to the highest standard you have. Contact him and tell him, “I support you, I voted for you, and I demand that you stop saying these things.”

Note the semantic juggling act going on here. 

She groups concepts together that were never really together in the first place. "all/most/many" are not the same amount of anything. "Many" is not the same thing as "All"  And let us not forget the fucking obvious fact that "many" Muslims are dangerous.

Then there is this whopper, "all Black people in inner cities and their lives are hell."  Who the hell said that?  Nobody from the South that's for sure.  

Part of this is simple SJW projection. She honestly believe that all black people who live in inner cities lives are hell,  in her deepest heart and can't mention that to her friends lest they become un-friends.  

This is all being done to appeal to centrists. Prove you are not one of the Great Unwashed!

Now is a real chance to prove everyone wrong. It’s also a real chance to actually protect some fellow Americans and fellow humans from harm. How?

The question isn't, "how?" The real question is, why? Why should I do what you are ordering me to do?

You, a good-hearted, well-intentioned, America-loving person, can publicly and loudly demand that the President-elect and all of his surrogates and appointees denounce all hate groups who are celebrating this win as a win for their agenda. You can demand — publicly, not just on your Facebook feed or just to friends — that the President-elect make a public statement disavowing and condemning every single act of violence, intimidation, bigotry, misogyny, and hatred that is being done in his name and in the name of his movement. He should just say it: “This is disgusting, it’s un-American, and I will not allow it to be done in my name or in celebration of my Presidency.”

We demand that you start a protest movement of own victory. I'm sure Paul Ryan's onboard.

You are the only ones who can do this.

She is correct on that point. Only we can sabotage ourselves from within. 

Again, it's never been difficult before.

Do it because you are all the things you say you are: loving, tolerant, inclusive, and American.

And there is the reward at the end

  Where? Oh where, have I run into this before?

The vast fires of the besiegers blanketed the once-beautiful plains surrounding Tor Keep as far as the eye could see, glowing a hellish red-orange against a sky so dark from the smoke that mid-day appeared to be twilight. The black legions of Evil chanted, "he rises! he rises!" as the massive flaming boulders from their gigantic trebuchets crashed into the Embarrassed-To-Be-So-White walls of Tor Keep. Huge scorpios launched terrible bolts big enough to impale an elephant, or even a Swirsky.

The high walls of the keep, once thought to be completely impenetrable, now showed massive cracks, They were the result of the thunderous barrage of the mighty siege engines arrayed on every side, as well as the cunning mines dug  by the minions of the Supreme Dark Lord, which was totally unfair because they were so good at math.

The defenders of the walls valiantly rained insults and condescension down upon their vile faceless attackers, though despair now gripped every heart. The Embarrassed-To-Be-So-White walls were crumbling despite the tireless efforts of the Diversity Wizards to magically reinforce them.

Far back from the fighting and deep within the bowels of The Tower That Jordan Built, two herald-minions of the Dread Lord stood before the women of the All-White-But-Nevertheless-Incredibly-Inclusive-and-Diverse-Because-They-Have-One-Gay-Asian-Guy-From-Silicon-Valley Council.

Their beautiful-in-a-very-different-way queen, Toadina the Squat, rose slowly from her heavily reinforced throne, prompting great waves of magnificently turbulent fat to roll back and forth across her massive belly like an indecisive tsunami. She delicately cleaned one squinting yellow eye with an elegant stroke of her forked tongue before clearing her swollen throat.

She addressed the heralds in an imperious manner. "Here are the merciful terms we offer for your complete and unconditional surrender. Behead your leaders. Kill one in ten of the vile minions. Hand over two-thirds of your lands as well as all your present and future spawn. Admit your beliefs are sexist, racist, homophobic, and outdated, and renounce them. Then castrate yourselves. In exchange we promise... to like you. A little."

Blinking in astonishment, the two heralds looked at each other. Their faces twitched, and they appeared to be restraining deep emotion, but was it futile defiance or humble gratitude? Finally, mastering himself, the one with the number 289 branded on his right cheek stepped forward.

"I am sorry, Madam, but you appear to have mistaken us for Republicans."

-- The Tale of the Herald by Cataline Sergius.  Edited, Mucked-about-with and Improved by Vox Day

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