Monday, November 28, 2016

Less Than Sixty Days of Obama Left

"Thank God the attack happened at Pearl Harbor."  -- Dwight Eisenhower.

I'm probably paraphrasing but bare with me.  Ike was right. When the Japanese sunk the fleet at Pearl Harbor, the fleet was as is well known in Pearl Harbor.  When there ships sank they just jumped over the side and swam to the wharf.  Almost all of them were recoverable and with the exception of the Arizona and the Oklahoma.  Even so, their guns were salvaged.

If the fleet at Pearl had had say four hours warning and had time to put to sea, they would have gone into battle with no air cover at all at time when the Japanese Naval Aviation was it's height.  A middle of the road estimate of the loses under those circumstances are six battleships and eight thousand men dead.  Possibly all eight could have gone to the bottom and the war in the Pacific might have gone on until 1948.

It may not have looked it at the time but 2500 dead and two ships lost were a best case scenario.

Similarly, Barack Obama was a best case for the right wing.  No, I'm not kidding.

It was obvious in 2007 that the Republicans were going to take yet another savage beating in the polls.  It wasn't a question of if the Democrats were going to take the whole enchilada it was just a matter of which Democrat was going to do it.

Hillary Clinton was not Sick Hillary at that point.  She was probably Drunken Hillary, Crooked Hillary but she was still Hillary.  The drive was present an unimpaired.

The gains in the House and Senate would have been big enough to get most anything at all done with just a few token yellow dog Republicans voting with them to make things look pretty.

But instead the Democrats flocked to a man who was manifestly unfit for the job.  There was nothing in his background, training or innate talent that suited Obama for the job which was more or less thrust upon him.  Instead of someone who lived to make deals like the Clintons, they had Obama who regarded the legislature as a bother and a nuisance even when his party owned it.

His chief of staff was famous for saying they hadn't come to "Washington to make friends."

And he didn't.

Legislatively, Obama didn't show the magic, either. He never rallied the public behind Obamacare — he just rallied Big Pharma, K Street, and the hospital lobby. He tried to rally the public behind his gun-control push. He won over the media, but never the voting public. As a result, he never was able to apply pressure to lawmakers.

Trump, when he was able to focus on anything, focused on Obamacare and an increasingly rigged economy. So while Obama personally rose to record approval ratings, his baggage dragged down his party and its nominee.
Over 1,100 Democrats have lost elections since 2010.  The GOP only needs to capture one more state legislature and it will have enough to pass constitutional amendments.

We have Obama's incompetence to thank for all of this.

What if we had been facing someone with drive, who knew how to make deals back in 2008?


A long, slow march is coming to an end.

And while I loath the man beyond words, I feel we have much to be grateful for from him.  Trump would not have been possible if it weren't for Barack Obama.

In tribute to the Obama Presidency, I present his happy little dream world of Our Town.

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