Friday, November 4, 2016

Last Day for October Surprises...Place Your Bets Gentlemen

From Ace:

Good morning, kids. In case you missed it, it's the Friday before Election Day. Expect any Democrat last minute surprises to happen around 3:00PM, after Rush signs off. Aside from a press conference with the entire line of the Rockettes and Gloria Allred, I think they've got bupkes. Conversely, if there is one final coup de grace against Nurse Nasty, I expect it will drop by noon.

Rumors are flying fast and furious but this is the last day for anything to happen.

If there are going to be arrests they will happen today.  

If there is one last arrow in the Democrat quiver it will be loosed today...although I agree with Ace they would have launched it by now.  That pornstar accusing Trump of impropriety was a hilarious shark jump.

This electoral cycle has been a game changer.  Right Vs Left is now yesterday's issue.  Now it's Globalist Vs. Nationalist and everyone is having to decide which new team they belong to.  I'm seeing men I once liked and admired in a new and much dimmer light.  

The American Media has destroyed it's reputation for impartiality.  It was a poorly earned reputation and one that was never based in reality in the first place but now it's gone for good.  They went to wall for Obama so many times it had become a spinal reflex for them by the time it was Hillary's turn. 

Hillary Clinton corrupts everything she touches.  She doesn't know how to do business any other way, it's simply beyond her.  She literally can't walk a straight path without going crooked. And I do mean literally.

  Naturally she corrupted or perhaps I should say completely corrupted the press.  Although she didn't have to work hard to do it.  They were just following their natural inclinations to their predestined conclusion. But in backing Hillary they threw gasoline on their own dumpster fire.  Everyone knew she was a corrupt politician. Everyone knew she was sick.  Everyone knew she was a drunk.  Everyone knew she was a criminal who got away with the worst security breach in American history.  

The media knew all these things and backed her anyway.  Even the people who believe in the same ideals as the media simply can not believe the media anymore. 

The other thing that became clear in this cycle is that there are no more secrets in the world.  And for the Right Wing that is a very good thing.  For the past thirty years the intense scrutiny of the media produced a Right Wing leadership that consisted of nothing but paper tigers.  

Guys who get things done have a shitload of energy.  These guys fuck up in public when they are young.  These are the guys that the American Media weeded out early in their public careers while covering up for the youthful indiscretions of their own people. 

The only guys left standing on the Right Wing on the end of this "Vetting Process" are useless, castrated, paper tigers like Paul Ryan who completely shit himself sideways when a tape featuring some trivial locker room vulgarity was leaked.  Ryan's scrambling, tripping, face planting attempt to distance himself from Trump looked like a spastic drunken best-of-parkour-fail compilation on YouTube.  

There are no secrets now.   In this constantly monitored world, there just aren't any more.

And that is a great thing for the Right Wing.  The Cuckservative leadership has been trained by the media to react to scandal by scuttling for the walls like roaches on when the bathroom light is turned on.  

The new AltRight leadership turns on it's heel, and stands it's ground like a DeathStalker Scorpion, pincers and stinger at the ready.  Aggressive and prepared to fight to the death no matter the size of the opponent.

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