Sunday, November 6, 2016

James Comey Must be Impeached


I heard plenty of whoppers in the military.  After a while you get used to them

Hell, after a while you catalog them;

1. "I put it in distribution."

2. "Your pay will be straight at the end of the month."

3. "I know I left it right here on the top of my desk."

4. "Of course I can read a map."

5. "It's a valid requisition."

6. "No Sir, I never drink alcohol!"

7. "He's in the motor pool."

8. "I have to go back to the rear."

9. "I don't give a d@!& if the General hears about this!"

10. "I need this for the old man right away!"

11. "I was here until midnight last night working on this!"

12. "I read the after action report."

13. "Sorry I'm late, but the Colonel called me just as I was about to leave."

14. "Give me your number and I'll call you back."

15. "This is a courtesy inspection."

16. "We're here to help you."

And yet Hillary Clinton beat all of them to Hell itself when she told the FBI she didn't know a "(C)" denoted classified information. And even better, she "could only speculate it was... marked in alphabetical order.”  This is possibly the stupidest lie I've ever heard in my all my years of government service. 

Yet amazingly she came up with a really close second. 

She also had the staggeringly brass balls to claim that she didn't know that "NOFORN" meant "NO Foreign" exposure.

And she's claiming she can't remember the details of her security briefings, which covered all this, because of a convenient patch of brain damage which arrives to grant her an alibi but then departs in time to permit her to be Commander in Chief?

At this point the utterly corrupt Hillary Clinton's ascension is up to the American voter.  May God help us because the American Voter is demonstrably one stupid fuck.

However James Comey let all of this slide.  And then lied about it himself before congress.  He cannot hold office any longer in this country.

The man is an abject, complete and utter disgrace.

"Let him be stripped of his Roman Citizenship"

"Let him be denied the right of a free Roman to cross the Pomerium.".

"Let him be denied fire and water."

"Let him be denied food and shelter"

But whatever the fuck you do with him, do not let him continue to be the head of the FBI unmolested by the United States Congress.

If he is then we don't have an FBI anymore...we have an SS. We have a Stasi. We have a KGB.

A polite (and quiet) resignation is not acceptable.

For the good of law itself, James Comey must be driven in humiliation from his office.

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