Monday, November 7, 2016

America the Banana State

I wrote this back in July when Comey shutdown the investigation into Hillary's criminal empire for the first time.  I'm reposting it now because it seems appropriate given the whiplash Comey is giving America


In a sane and workable democracy, President Barrack Obama (Okay, he wouldn't be president in the first place but moving on), when briefed by the FBI about Hillary's utterly criminal email server, would have called her into the Oval Office for a "more in sorrow, than anger meeting."

She would have to go.  For the good of the country and the party she would have to let the dream die.  She would be allowed to claim ill-health.  But she could not continue her run for the White House.

He would make sure things dragged a bit at the DOJ and then he would pardon her on his way out the door.  "That's the deal you are getting Hillary and it's more than you deserve after that cosmically arrogant, stupid and unbelievably illegal stunt with your homebrew server.

You are not fit to govern.  You've proved it.  It's as simple as that."

Instead we have the director of the FBI squander the Bureau's hard earned reputation for the sake of an old, drunken, corrupt politician, whose only qualification for office is that she is alleged to possess a vagina.

Of course Obama never gave the slightest of fucks about destroying America.  That was more feature than bug so far as he is concerned.

He may personally loath Crooked Granny Cankles, (I certainly suspect that he does) but he has his own priorties.

You have to remember his only real reform was Obamacare.  That is the only thing that is set in stone.  Everything else was an extremely extra-constitutional, which is to say treasonously illegal power grab using executive authority to drastically expand the federal bureaucracy.

The worry for him is this, what one Pen and Phone can do, another could just as easily undo.

Unless it has been there too long.

He has the Conservative movement's number.  No mistake about that.  Once something has been in place for sixteen years they aren't going to walk it back.  Remember Conservatism is just Liberalism that is fifteen years out of date.

And Democrat Presidents almost always win re-election if they stand for office again.  Don't believe me?

Think about it.

In the past one hundred years only one Democrat President has lost a re-election bid.

And if Hillary cannot complete her first term due to health issues, her VP (I know it's going to be Cory Booker) (*Wow did I call that one wrong*)  could potentially finish out the last two years of her term then run for two terms of his own, giving the Democrats a total of eighteen years of uninterrupted rule (2008-2026).

 Honestly why even have elections after that?

Obama's legacy will be in perpetual stone.  (And Catatline himself will have long since left the country to take up life as mountain bandit prince on one of the outer islands of the Philippines.)

The big ass problem for Obama is..."Holy shit! What happened to the Conservative Movement?  They aren't going with the leaders we select for them anymore.  How did that happen?  Why aren't they playing by our rules anymore?  Donald Trump won the nomination?


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